My last post is not appreciated! (Oh, my God !) Why am I not disappointed?

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Hi STEEMERS!  My immersion in the ocean of STEEMIT continues.

 I feel myself like an underwater Explorer. It's cool but...  I feel like I'm drowning!  

I'm hurt because someone doesn't appreciate me. I'm sorry that I went unnoticed. Bullshit!  

I was just trying to manipulate someone's choice. And I failed.  Why? Because the community is wiser than my smart-ass. 

 And now to the point: 


On the external plan people make choices based on logic or emotion. And most of the decisions WE accept without hesitation. Just because WE feel it. In fact, in this moment our actions are governed by the Universe.

 If I try to look at things through the eyes of the Universe, I would see: My subconscious and the subconscious of others are inseparable. That's why we always know when someone is lying to us.  Sometimes we don't feel lying, because the subconscious is blocked. But intuition always tells the truth. When I publish my post, I asked for support from the community. 

 Request but  not require:

 This is important. Request involves a waiver. If the person pretends that he asks from  community  something, and reacts to  rejection with aggression, he doesn't ask, he requires. 

 More information on this subject is contained in this wonderful post:

 Some kind of justice:

 I see a lot of aggression and frustration on the part of people whose posts do not gain votes. Time after time these people write and do not get decent grades. They resent. They require some kind of justice. But the universe treat them fairly.

They want to manipulate people's actions. But don't have that right.  This right belongs to the universe. 


That's why I don't want to think as well. I don't want to violate the laws of the Universe. I don't want to demand anything from society. I want to learn to just enjoy what I post. 

 Here's another. Illustrative example of envy  among  monkeys. Maybe it's time to stop being a monkey! 

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someday some whale will notice you, but before that please accept my 1 cents upvote

Thank you. I hope that my posts will be useful to the community.

It is kinda naive to believe that you will get noticed immediately and that you will be receiving all that you think you deserve. Universe from this standpoint works in a different way.
It's not fair, and the question is will it ever be fair? We all have some beliefs but another question is are those beliefs right?