Long-term investments. Win-win proposition. Part 2: Payments.

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Hello STEEMERS! Let's summarize.

Yesterday I published a post about long-term investing  


In the end I did offer to pay Steem dollars

 I will divide the amount (of Author reward) into four parts:

 Three voices with the biggest weight will get 3/4 in equal parts.
1/4 For the most constructive comment.(But it may not be the same who have already received the award for voice.) Everyone can check the objectivity of the decision 

 This is how I planned to attract the community's attention to the subject of  #longterminvestments 

At the moment I have already received a fee. I want to keep that promise.


 In accordance with the terms of the contract I give  3/4 of Author reward in equal parts to these nice guys https://steemstats.com/#/

 An amount equal to 0.01 SD will receive: 

omfedor                 52.2q Weight

 jos.denmark         4.6q Weight

 vadimberkut8      2.7q Weight

 And 1/4 for the most constructive comment  (equal to 0.01 SD) will receive: 

 kamalini for reply:  

 Thank you for your honesty! In this you can be an example to others. I like your attitude. I think the same way. 

 I will send rewards to winners immediately after the publication of this post. 


  Thanks to all who responded. 

 I wish you good luck and prosperity!


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Thank you poteshnik!Nice to receive your payout.

Thank you for participating.

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