My standpoint, my end? Steemit, Sun and other thoughts!

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It's been hectic for days now in the Steemit world and I do understand why!
There is a new player in town and everything has been turned upside down!
I am not writing this post to say that this person was wrong or that person, I am just going to air some frustrating thoughts who have been living in my head for a long time now!

Will this be the day I get flagged to shit?

Lets find out! ((Laughs))

2020-03-05 03_31_00-Naamloos - Paint.jpg

I am but a mere soft voice on Steemit and I am okay with that! I am not here to influence anyone nor here to become a famous person! Never was and never will be my intention. I prefer to be in the background! BUT, sometimes even the softest voices want to be heard and that voice keeps nagging at you until you crack and finally sit down to write.
So, here I am, voicing my thoughts and yes, I fear it will cost me. Why? You will read why if you take the time to read my whole post!

I joined steemit a long long time ago and I fell in love from day 1!
I slowly became a dolphin and never had a single fight! I am not a tech person, I just enjoy sharing my art work, silly ramblings and finding people who feel the same way! I never gave a flying fuck about politics but steemit sure did open my eyes in that department. Now it comes...You ready? LOL Oh well, Imma write it down anyways....

I kinda left Steemit without leaving.

Whut? Yeah, I have no other way to explain it. I was here but no longer was I here with my heart. You see, there is a reason for it and it will not make me populair. Not that I ever have been! ((Coughs))
The overall feeling the Steemit community gave me was bright at first but slowly turned dark as night. Nothing but fights, Everyone screaming about free speech but when you air something that goes in against the masses...You better start running. The be honest, the whole Steemit thing made me think and feel only one huge thing.

Steemit is the place where the loudest screamers get what they want!

There, I said it.
You wanna slice me open now? ((Blinks and swallows))
Let me say it again, this is a post about my feelings! So, I am going to throw it all out there! No holding back!
For three long years I heard members saying that distribution was wrong, that steem is not fair, that things should change. I saw people trying to be heard about their fears of what could happen. I also saw the magical powerful top ignore them and yes, I even saw people being trashed for thinking different. I saw people being flagged to dead because they dared to go against the flow. And while all this was happening, NOTHING CHANGED.


That is what Steemit felt for me. A place where you eat breathe and shit steemit and if not you are going to be burned! Bring up a different chain and ouchie, you are burned for life. Post something that is not what they wanna read, you will be pinned against the wall and made fun of. This might be overdone but trust me, this is how this whole chain started to feel for me. All this talk about freedom, all this talk about changes..... It does NOT show, at least not for me.

so I kinda left!

I lost all interest but could not fully let go of my first blockchain love. I see potential, I see marvelous warm souls but no longer does it feel like home.
I took my stake and left. I bought some other coins, I sold some and bought craft supplies and just walked.... With pain in my heart. I just no longer could stand the negative, the hostile envirement, the fightings.

Nothing changed in all those years where people were screaming at each other to be the loudest! While the voice os reasoning, the softer voices were never heard. SAD!

And now there is a bigger bully in town.

Sun, he is here and wow did that blow up some dust!
Witnesses now fighting to get back in the top 20 to try and protect the chain.
A soft fork, a voting rampage.... Yes, there is a massive wind blowing on the platform and it is amazing to see how everyone comes together to fight and or air their voice. BUT
There is a BUT? Hell yes there is a BUT...

For 3 long years no one did a thing and NOW.... Just wow...

Yeah, the bigger bully arrived....

Honestly, I dont know what to think or do here anymore........
Perhaps I should fully pack my bags and leave because... Fighting and screaming is just so not me.
I do not belong in a place where airing your voice might get you burned. It's not that I am scared to air what I think. It's just the pointless time that goes into it while I prefer to make someone smile....

For now, this is my last post!
I will wait and gather my thoughts about what makes me happy and where I can find that!
I do wish you all the best! No matter the outcome, keep smiling and please remember that there is way more in life than being online!

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Glad I got to know you on the other platform.
Now we won't lose contact.

That's the exact reason that I left. The only good thing I had left was comedyopenmic and they were pretty well done too. Even the occasional curie didn't matter anymore. I actually gave the funds raised from my last two curies to other people who needed the steem a lot more than I did. I didn't come here for money in the first place.

I am also glad I got to know you on the lighter chain.

yeah what a week or so

Decentralized means we should be able to speak our views with out being flagged - i dunno what will happen going forward with Steemit

Have a good day anyway

In some ways I agree with you Snekky, I also first joined Steemit 3 years ago (The trending page solely consisted of Whales up-voting Whales), which ended in a vicious bid-bot flagging war. At that time I left, until just a couple of months ago, when I was slowly pulled back into Steemit again by the creation of HIVES and now Communities.

Many of the former Whale Accounts are now manually curating (which is wonderful) a huge move forward to a better Steemit. Rewards are a lot fairer now! No platform is perfect, and never can be IMO.

You have a choice now Snekky, to ONLY post in a single Community that you really enjoy, while all the other drama just passes you by.

Whatever you decide, I will find you somewhere... 🤗 $trdo √

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