One of the Hacker Victims | Why Did I Create a New Account

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 After the attack that happened by the hacker, I couldn't access my account anymore. Yes, I felt a little sad and fear possess me, but I already knew that Steemit team will be able to get back our accounts as they were before. Thanks for the whole hard work the team is doing.

 I keep watching since that day all posts and interactions. When I go ahead to vote; I remind myself again that I actually can't contribute for now. I really felt isolated a little bit since I was happy being here every day. 

Why I Made This New Account ???? 

Whatever in your mind right now is the false answer for this question. Yes, I made another account but it's not for me. I talked before in my original account about my adventures and experiences in Scout briefly when I was living in Lebanon. My group there was for the members whom their financial status acceptable and I was (Still) one of them. So, I talked to my commander a couple days ago about Steemit and explained it simply to her. I told her to try to be a part of this community and in the same time gain money for future activities for our group there.  

The problem is that they don't really know how to write exactly in English since it's not their language. So what I did is offering a helping hand by creating an account and post for them here. They will send me a draft in Lebanese and I will translate to English and implement the pictures for the activities.  

I wish that I could go there and explain everything to all the members and commanders about Steemit. But even if I gathered the enough money from here to go there, the country won't allow me to enter their land since I left it as a refugee. That's the situation for all people like me. But instead I will be working on a post to describe in my language how Steemit function to my friends so that more people will get the chance to be part of this community. 

That's a picture with my two commanders and friend in our group while we were doing an activity in 2014, a day before I said goodbye to them. I wanted to prove that I am the same person in my intoduceyourself post. Also I wanted to inform everyone here and try to be honest since I feel that I am a part of this all community.

 Be ready for Scout adventures Steemit ~~ I am stilling waiting to get back on my lovely account again ^^

 By qamarpinkpanda 

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It sounds like a fix is coming very soon and that any money taken will be refunded after that. I was hit also and it's no fun. Good for you for posting again!

Hi, my name is Abdullah that happens to me too and my account get hacked, and I am making another account and I just post on steemit that the link
please support.

I"m sorry for you lost. Let hope steem will fix there firewall.

I do you know you were hit? I can see my STEEM in my wallet yet just can't do anything with it. Does that mean I'm safe?

Making something better is better than breaking it. Don't know why people keep doing that. Don't worry humble cookie, you'll get your account back ok. We all are behind you :)

You will be fine. We all support you. Upvoted!

Thank you ^^

Great smile=Great support.

Welcome back! Having your account(s) hacked should really be a criminal offense. I had an old account on a forum with 3000+ posts that got hacked and it felt like a big part of me was ripped apart. All the time and effort I had put into it were gone. And the worst part is I never got it back. I'm glad the devs of steemit were able to refund everything.

Then again all the time and effort I've put into reddit ( feel kind of a waste now too since I stumbled upong steemit. :)

welcome back to steem! We have a long journey to cover and this is just the beginning...

A fix should be coming soon

Excellent post. Very interesting. Thank you

Hopefully everything gets restored, it's not a good feeling. I still don't understand why people feel the need to be thieves...

Things will be ok as the system upgrade...I was also hit. The good news is that Steem consensus mecanism is build to quickly take action.

Time will tell, welcome again. I hope you get your original account back.

Good post! I like it! Good Luck To You!

Wish u and ur team more success in future keep ur chin up. :) anything happen with reason .

Sorry for the unfortunate events to have struck you. Please review this post

welcome back honey

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