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Do you have a lot of time to kill? Well, I encourage you to sign up at You can earn extra income just by blogging, liking (upvoting) or commenting on article posts. 

 Say what?! Is this some kind of a joke? Maybe it’s a scam! Are you for real?! 

That’s the reaction I always get every time I talk to people about Steemit. I encourage them to learn about the blockchain based social media but only a few of my friends actually listened. Some signed up but got impatient with the approval phase and didn’t bother checking back. Well I can’t force someone if they’re really not into it, right? You need to be 100% committed if you want to do something. 

I wanna show you guys how I made money on Steemit and how you can do it too. But first, let’s talk about Steemit… 

What is

 It’s a social media platform that is kinda similar to Reddit or  Facebook but you earn Steem on every upvotes or like you get from writing a content. What the heck is Steem? It is a cryptocurrency used to power this whole system. Steem is ‘minted’ daily and given away to content creators according to the upvotes they receive. It can be converted into Bitcoin or real dollars or you can invest it into Steem Power. 


What is Steem Power?

SP or Steem Power is a token that symbolizes user’s authority. It tells how much influence you have on Steemit, it also means you’re a Class A shareholder if you high Steem Power. It gives you stronger voting influence or your upvotes will count more. The more power you have, the more you earn when you engage on the site. It’s also a type of share in the company, that means each member on Steemit owns a stake. 

How do I make money on Steemit?

Simply by writing an article, upvoting someone’s post, writing a comment and chatting. I wrote my first article post and I made around $85. Then I joined and met some wonderful Steemians, one guy welcomed me with a gift and gave me $10 for my beer money. Lol! I know it sounds crazy but that’s how I made my first bucks on the platform. 

You have to be consistent when posting or commenting so the other people will recognize you and your work. Most of the time, I post about what I’m passionate about. And that is, of course, travel and fitness. Sometimes I post about DIY art tutorial and food because I’m also in love with those two. I try to find other people’s work, if they inspire me enough, I would follow them and make friends with them. I would regularly check their blog and post a comment on their article. And also make it to a point where I would talk to them on Discord. 

Discord is an app like Skype. It’s free, and you can download it on your desktop or phone. I joined several chatrooms on there too. I have this group called, “PAL” or Peace Abundance Liberty. We support each other, joke around, and for newbies like me, you can always ask the veterans for advice. I joined several groups like Steemspeak, Be Awesome, Steemgigs, Dreams Come True, Whaleshares, ADSactly and many more. 


It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to really make money on Steemit. But as time goes on, as I evolve on this platform, my interests changed. Steemit is slowly becoming my second family. It’s becoming part of my life. Earning cryptocurrency is just secondary. It’s no longer a priority. 

As most of you know, I don’t go to work. So the only way I socialize is through online or when I go outside to workout or buy some food. Steemit is already part of my system, it’s now my favorite site that I visit every morning. I become a part of this awesome community and I plan to stay for a while. 

Do you want to join our awesome community?

Follow me on Steemit. And let’s help each other out. 😊 

P.S. I blog here and at PinayNomad

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can't blame them. that was the first reaction of me too. i mean who in the world would ever think that you can get money just doing those things you do on facebook and twitter and on instagram and other social websites? that is really hard to believe. its like i am being paid for having fun.


Exactly. It's good to be true aight?! Thanks for the comment. 😀


no problem

Yup - I am still one of the smallest fish roundt the Steemit pond but will work and try :-)


Small but terrible my dear. You'll do good I betcha. :-)


That's the best way to explain it! You stay awesome @pinaynomad ;)


Stay awesome?


@surpassinggoogle I'd say awesome because expressing your ways to help and encourage others to be a part of a great community like Steemit is absolutely a huge motivation ;)


Thanks @bloghound

It is awesome to help and encourage everyone to be part of Steemit community. I know not everyone will get attracted to crypto but having a strong support system like Steemit is already a big reward. 😊

social life is more complicated lol
I am counting my upvotes, btw!

Nice piece!


Social life is not as complicated as you think it is especially if you're surrounded by friends who are close to your heart. 😊

You're counting your upvotes? Oh you mean you upvote your own comments? Is that what you mean? Please enlighten me.


Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi


my head loading finding Mahatma Gandhi!


Uhhhhmmmmm... I don't know why you copied/pasted that quote coz it's totally irrelevant to what my article is all about. You clearly didn't read it. But hey, thanks for the comment anyways. :-p