First ever Steem wallet released!

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Steem Wallet Version 1.0

A chrome extension to keep your keys safe!

What is Steem Wallet

Steem Wallet is a chrome extension designed to protect users and prevent broken hearts. Steem Wallet will store your keys safe and sound inside itself. When you want to find out the key you need to login to a new steem service, you can just use Steem Wallet to figure it out. No longer do you need to login to, go to permission, login, view private key. This tool will save you time!


  1. Persistant Login
  2. Displaying Keys
  3. Sending Steem
  4. Sending Steem backed Dollars
  5. Safe and Sandboxed

Screen Shots

Source Code


To install, follow the instructions on here under "load the extension"


In the future, I plan on using this extension as a way to login to websites. Any pull requests with merit will be merged. Thank you everyone for following my work and supporting me!

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WoW! This is AWESOME!! Looking forward to beta-test this, and see what #developers peer-review it as. UPVOTED & RESTEEMED!

Badass thank you!

Great idea!

Cool! Thank you!

a cool app, will use it for sure!!

That is a great feature. So I can see my keys easier and tip Steem users in a flash? Nice


Precisely! I love that you think the same way I do. These are two of my primary use cases for sure.

@picokernel, this is really great! However, as I have learned on Steemit when creating solutions targeted for Chrome, Firefox users will be quick to tell you Firefox exists. =)


This is really amazing! Great job!

Can you please explain how is it different to usisng a key manager?


This serves the same service as a key manager, but it also acts as a wallet. It has the added benefit of being able to reveal private keys as well, which can be quite handy.

great work, mate... ;-)

Great work, keep it up!

You know everyday and many ways, Steem gathers Steem... glad I found it... and thanks for the work.

I will test it too! Thanks!

Really like the simplicity!

Wow, thank you, this is so exciting to see the evolving environment surrounding the STEEM! Joy!!! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Wow, thanks for the information :) Thank you for sharing it to us.


Awesome!!! I already think steem has the easiest wallet to use ( user functionality -wise) but definitely see how this can be appealing.

What kind of security have you baked in?

upvoted, reblogged and Installed.
Gonna give this thing a whirl! Thank you!

Hey, don't rally understand all that you are writing about ... will follow and be on the lookout for more information. Thanks

Great work. Will beta-test it

I liked ! Very interesting

Just shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. A great piece and thanks for sharing. Up-voted, now following & looking forward to reading more of your posts. I posted a piece earlier about the potential valuation of Steemit that you and your followers may find interesting. If you get a minute have a read. It has certainly got my Twitter followers thinking!!

“STEEMIT is no ordinary Social Media site, it’s pure GOLD..!!”


This is great! It real simple and easy to use. I did my own quick review post and sharing your post. Thanks for making a nice tool to use with steemit.