The Dark Overlord

in steemit •  5 months ago 

Interesting for a community that prides itself on censorship resistance to make an acct outright disappear...

Good thing Steem posts are saved on the blockchain!

Maybe Steem is just as fallible as the others, perhaps it was never about the platforms fallibility but that of the users all along.

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Calling @originalworks :)
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Sometimes, that happends, poooefff and youre gone...

I find it very interesting that there is not one millionaire in the world (who knows that the 911 official story is a lie) willing to pay for this to be blown wide open.

Why has no one touched this?

Heck even a so called “Muslim terrorist” could bring America to their knees with a anonymous 2 million dollar payment.

This whole story smells of psyop.


Well, it would seem The Dark Overlord was a fake, trading nudes is not really in-line with an uber-hacking syndicate with uncontestable evidence of one of the largest conspiracies of today.

If you had millions of dollars would you willingly trade that stability for letting random people on the internet know the truth?

I'd be willing to bet that even if they got paid the info released wouldn't be anything more than what we already have. But here's to thoughts and prayers, Huzza!