Steemit How-To: Don't Spam

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Some friendly advice.


When you post essentially the same comment in everyone's post;

When all you have to say is "nice post," or even worse, "follow me,"

You are the junk email trying to sell people fake Viagra of the internet. You are the scammer calling people without computers and telling them you are from Microsoft and they have a virus. You are the pervert whistling at women on the street. No woman thinks you're sexy and wants to date you; they all think you're a sleazy pervert.

If you are a genuine person who is interested in doing well on Steemit, then I suggest you actually read the post you are commenting on, and SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The actual subject of the post. Not just "good job." You aren't going to get upvoted for saying a generic "wow I like it" fifty times a day - especially making all those comments and not upvoting the people you expect to upvote you because you copy-pasted "nice job" 100 times. That doesn't deserve an upvote.

Think about it. When you were in school, and your teacher said, let's write an essay about this book, did you write "the book was good, please give me 100% grade!" No? Because the teacher would have failed you, right? You have to earn upvotes and follows with QUALITY CONTENT just like you have to earn good grades with QUALITY WORK. If you post "nice post, follow me," I will not follow you because your comment quality is bad so why would I want to see more bad posts?

And for those who blog 100% in a language that is not English, why do you go to English language posts and ask them to follow you? How would they read YOUR posts? Why don't you ask in posts in the language you blog in? Then they might follow you. I speak a little of many languages, but I blog in English. I don't go to a German language blog and say in my bad German, "follow me!" Do you think westerners are rich and so have bigger upvotes for you? Some of us English speakers don't have enough food or are homeless, first of all, but we're all the same on Steemit unless the rich person bought their power with money. In which case, they're not going to waste it on every scam artist who asks nicely. You can get a big audience and make lots of money from people who speak the language you blog in. And if you are writing in English and you're worried that your English isn't good, don't worry, that is not a problem. Just say if you don't understand a part or don't know how to say it, we'll understand. My French is terrible but I learn by practicing in French language forums online. You can practice English with us. But you have to actually say something, yeah?

Steemit is reciprocal. Make quality comments and upvote others, and you'll get upvotes. But the Whale Fairy isn't going to shit $100 on your blog if all you do is be selfish.

Thank you.

And if any of you spam this post with your shit comments, I will flag your ass. 😘

That Red Fish your momma always warned you about

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My current peeve is commenters who arrive on your post, leave a one line comment, vote for their own comment but not for your post!


That makes me mad enough to club a baby seal

This has been one of my favorite topics for creative inspiration recently. As we grow, we'll only see more of that crap.

Here's a little song I wrote a couple weeks ago, called Shitty Comments.

Hope you like it! :D


Oh my Gods, that was epic!!! Integrity and honesty ...yep, that's what is missing. So great that you made a song about it. But I bet the OP was full of shitty comments. LOL


LOL Thanks! Actually, the post didn't get as many as I usually get. Maybe they watched the video and got the joke... yeah right.


Well there are no spam comments here, so there's hope!

You post is right some people made bots for comment for same string in every post ,they actualy want money from upvote i am new to steemit about 1 week ago i joined any advice for me
What kind of post get more upvote?
And don't flag me i am new here and know nothing how system work


What you just did is great! Upvote for you! 😄
I would say just experiment until you find your favorite things to write about and your "tribe" of people who have similar interests. Check out some different tags and see what you like! It's easier when you like what you write about. Good luck!


Thank u for attention

thank you for posting this very valuable @phonenixwren, I agree with you better be yourself though it looks stupid than to be someone else who pretended to be smart. for what we are begging if the quality offered does not match what we produce. life ni need a process to reach the ladder of success


Yes, exactly! People are much happier interacting when people are themselves. When people pretend it seems fake and unlikeable. I would much rather help a real person!

So true. There is nothing worse than seeing "I'll upvote you if you upvote me" in my posts. I'm still a newbie I don't want to hurt them so I give them some advice but some of them are not getting the message. Thanks for spreading the message.


Yep! Like, if someone is legitimately new and of course there are cultural differences in the world and something is just an innocent mistake? Fair play, it happens. But when people don't even try, that's when I get annoyed as all get out.

Something I have been dying to say. GladI did not because you said it better. Most awesome post ever. Worthy, of my little upvote and a resteem. However, I am so glad it is full of piss and vinegar, perhaps it will get the point across. In fact this post is so awesome it should be a part of a handout given to all new Steemians. Like whats with the upvotes I get from those that do automatic upvotes and dont even read my little old blog.? Take the time to read it buddy or get out of my river I say. YOU ROCK!!


Lol, thank you! My snark game is on point. 😂


it's all good I just did two snark posts one after the other. I think no one cares but me. But hey it's steemit and we can say what we want. Freedom of speech..Back to some substance soon. I like your snark. :))

YEAAAAA!! Nice PSA!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you my Fiery BroSTAR!!!!!!


LOL! Glad you enjoyed it. Fire fire!

I had to resteem this one. Its too good. Spot on!


Thanks! 😁

I wish I could upvote this more. My 100% does not give you much. I have thought this same very thing. You read others posts and all you see in comments stupidity. I agree with you and dave as far as those who write a comment on post but only upvote their own two or three word comment. Keep the posts coming. : )


😉 Thanks! And I appreciate the upvote no matter what size!

ugh, those type of comment sucks. To make it worse, imagine you composed a post where you poured your heart out, and the very first comment you received is one of those spammy ones 😔
Anyway, I hope that the members who do that have read your post and did not jumped into the comment section and dropped a spam one.
None detected so far....all is good :)


I'm so proud of them, no spammy comments here! 😄

you are right @phoenixwren! The problem with them is that they think steemit is a place where you earn quick cash, little did they know that it require hard work and dedication. I always tell people be yourself and original. recognition will come naturally.


Very true! This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is, however, a legitimate income possibility!

Very well put. Im glad someone has said about the foreign languages. I go and check out all my new followers to see if their posts interest me. Bit when I arive on their blog and everyone is in a language I don't understand it is very frustrating. I love to learn about new cultures and differnt ways of living on this beautiful planet 😎😁


I am all for there being all the languages on Steemit! I just don't get why you'd find someone in a different language and ask them to follow unless you know they speak that language too!

Dammit... I saw the title and came to flag all the shitty comments.. disappointed.. but not


Right?? I'm so proud of thw blockchain. LOL

Lessons are valuable for beginners

I'm selling VIAGRA lmao

re-steeming because of ED lol