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RE: Humanity Is The Brother Next To You! (My Gift To Humanity). Read My Comment Response To #untalented (Who Am I?) Part 1. (A Repository For Steemians' Legacies)

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I'm so touch with your motivational words @surpassinggoogle. Sir Terry, thank you so much for your endless support. I almost cry while reading your comment. I can't imagine you really notice my entry and made a comment to me as number 4 in the list. Long live, sir Terry. Once again, thank you so much for the advice. I will take your words together with my journey here in steemit.


Long live us in Jesus' name amen. The comment was meant to touch you. There is greatness in you, you will see that over time, moreso now being on steemit

A very interesting and heartfelt article that makes you stop and remember, about those who are next to you, to think and so much we give them attention and care. Thank you, you opened my eyes.