I don't think so it says specifically to write down your password in a safe place. I think you might be screwed unless they change it. Last July there was a hack on some accounts and they let users reset their account password through Facebook with their Facebook info but I am not sure if you can do that anymore ask @dantheman and @ned and @dan

You can't recover it. Just send steemit support a mail. They will get back to you with a new key for the lost password.

Hello. Does this still work? Ive sent support a mail, waiting for reply.

Did they ever get back to you? How long did it take? I got locked out of mine and they still haven't responded to my email..

This is no longer true. The bad news is that account is FOREVER LOST! The good news that you can get another Steemit account… The shitty news is that it isn't free, but you can have it faster than you would get through the official site.
Alternative Sign-up Services
SteemConnect allows you to create a new account instantly, simply by paying the account creation fee. However, using this service requires an existing Steem/Steemit account (your personal account, a friend, or family member). Therefore, it is quick and great for creating additional accounts for yourself, family or friends. A detailed SteemConnect Sign-up Guide can help you get started.

AnonSteem allows you to create an account by paying the account creation fee, plus an additional fee for using their service. AnonSteem does not require you to have an existing Steem/Steemit account. They accept STEEM, Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC).

BlockTrades is similar to AnonSteem, it allows the creation of an account anonymously. Their service fee is 1 STEEM. BlockTrades does not require you to have an existing Steem/Steemit account. They accept BitShares coins, STEEM, Steem Dollar, Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

All three services are safe to use. They do not require any email or phone number verifications.

NOTE: When you do not signup via, in the event of a stolen account, you must contact the service or person who created your account to assist you in the recovery.
I used BlockTrades and had an account ready in a matter of hours.

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Only To help, i spent 1 week to try to input my lost password only to help, password is not custom written(not some your phrase ), password is like private key from hash-256 Try to look somewhere around your desktop, that password can not be remember so you must have written somewhere , try to search in your passdocs or your notes

Of all possible solutions yours is the best. I really tried what you said and that was what helped me. I indeed saved the password in a file and after reading your comment agreed with you and went to look for it and found it even outside in a pen-drive. Thanks a lot for your help

Many times Social Engineering is the key.

thank you, your post helped another

Same here. Steemit doesn't recover lost passwords. It says so if you log in and click "change password". I looked around after reading this post and found it saved somewhere =)

actually very useful!! after going crazy por 20 min I found this comment and you are right! It was saved as a notepad doc. thanks!

Thank you, yet another steemit account was saved by you post. <3

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