I'm saying goodbye to Steemit!

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I'm leaving Steemit

Over the past few months, I have been up and down with the idea of leaving Steemit. When I first joined, I built up popularity very quickly and was successful with it. I then became very busy with my personal life and couldn't blog frequently and when I came back... I was suddenly unpopular!

Since then I have been trying a number of times to write engaging blogs, using pictures, images, tags, adding chapters of my written work, update on my publishing, even writing about my past trips and recent trip to Isle of Skye, and many more, to get people more engaged, but because I really don't have the time to understand how it all works properly, I feel this has given me a set back. It's a shame as I could really do with using Steemit, it would really help me when I get back to studying after the summer, if I could just get my popularity up...

In October I am starting my Master's Degree, they are extremely expensive here in the UK as well as living costs, so I'm having to cut my losses with Steemit and just cash out everything I have to give myself a fighting chance with living and completing my Masters. I'll go back to being a normal person and work a part-time job. But I wish you all a very good luck!

Who knows. Maybe one day I will back?

If you'd like to stay in touch, feel free to follow me on Twitter, or follow my WordPress blog here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/penny_hoops
WordPress: https://pennyhooperblog.wordpress.com/

Also, please do check out my written works

All the best!
~Penny. :)
(The Girl Who Whispered).



First time I have seen you write here.

As far as I know, it's not a contest to get votes on here. Just stay true to what you love doing, which it sounds like for you, posting about travelling?

I know about expensive education in the UK, I did a PhD but got lucky.

Sorry to see you go even though I have only just seen you post! All the best with the Masters :)

Thank you! :)

I like to post about my travels (which I don't do a lot of, but sometimes I post about my past travels), writing (I'm an author) and just general posts about updates, news, interests and genereal discussions.

Each person that comes on here is individual, for me, it's about getting exposure for my written work more than anything, and I'm not too bothered about the votes, but if I'm not getting votes, I'm assuming no one is reading/seeing my work so I feel I'm wasting time just writing a heart-felt post.

I'm similar as I post about various things, at the moment I'm writing about crypto but I travel, make music and try to give quality over quantity.

Are you in a community group or anything like that? They are good for getting more exposure if that's what you really want. Maybe think of it differently.

You've poured your heart into something and gotten it off your chest by writing a heart felt article. If no-one reads it, it's not the end of the world, you've done something that's right for you.

You said you are an author, what are you an author of?

Quality over quantity every time!

I love travel, something I'm looking forward to doing more of when I've finished my Masters (that's if I decide not to do a PhD afterwards).

I'm not really in a community group, no, not sure what that is. (Probably where I am going wrong!)

I'm a fiction author, got one published, one soon to be (it's being reviewed at the moment) and I'm waiting to hear back from a literary agent on another. :)

Ha, I'm with you on the travel! Hopefully navigating my way to Australia in April 2019 but we will see how that all pans out.

I jumped straight in to a PhD from a Masters, really depends if you're passionate about what is you are studying. And I mean like, REALLY passionate as you will be researching that area for a long time and looking for research grants to fund your next projects.

For me, I did the PhD as I didn't have anything else lined up after my Degree (back in 2008). Could go on about it but hey, we are here today from the choices we've made previously :)

The community groups are pretty useful for getting a few more upvotes. You delegate your SP to them (or send Steem) and you get a bigger upvote. The more you delegate, the more you get back. Works on the "rising tide lifts all boats" principle.

Sounds pretty cool what you do with writing. I quite enjoy it myself, spend a lot of my time with a keyboard in front of me and tippy tappy :D Good luck with the agents and publishers. Send me a link over to your book :)

So what is your Masters going to be on?

Sorry for the late reply!

Australia, sweet! I was there in 2009-2010 on a Working Holiday Visa. Was mostly confined to Queensland though. :) It was quite difficult to find work though, so I didn't have the best of time. Would like to go back when I have managed to sort myself out financially again! Haha.

Yeah, I'm not sure yet. I'd like to push myself to do one (PhD), just to prove to myself that I can more than anything. But also, I'd like to get into Data Science, as that's another subject I'm really interested in and I know the university I am going to to do my Master's has a Big Data area. But, I'm not sure how it will pan out, my programming skills are a bit rusty and I know a lot of Data Science is mostly in Python (as well as others) which I never did at college, so I'm trying to self-learn that. It really depends on what happens after I've done my Masters.

And thanks, I will have a look into that! How do you get yourself into community groups?

Thank you. :) It's a long and slow process, and sometimes really painful, but it's really rewarding. Most of my work is on a website called WattPad, which I use to get feedback on from readers, you're welcome to check it out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/penny_bones16 the book I currently have published is on there (not all of it) with a link to Amazon where you can buy a copy, it's called "It's My Mistake".

My Masters is going to be in Forensic Investigation. It's modular so I get to pick a choose a few different topics from anthropology, archeaology, ballistics, explosives, digital and a few others. I'm mostly doing modules in ballistics and digital forensics.
What was your Masters/PhD in?

Hehe, don't worry about the late reply, I won't take it personally :P

Yes, that's pretty much exactly what I'm doing, the Working Holiday visa! Managed to squeeze that one in before hitting 31 and hoping to buy my tickets tonight to Aus! Got a friend in Melbourne. Do you stay in contact with anyone you met in Queensland? I have been before, did a lot of the east coast from Cairns down to Sydney in 2015 :)

I fully understand the financials! I'm kinda winging it myself but you never know what might happen.

I'm sure you will pick up the knack again, see if you can get a transfer or what your options are when you've gone in to University, it might be you can do evening classes? I really don't have much knowledge of Data software and sciences of so just trying to see what you can do logistics wise.

I just did searches on steemit - like, community for music or community for x and they pop up in the search engine. They usually have a "discord" group that you can join and introduce yourself from there. As long as you're active and you delegate SP, it's good :)

I'll have a look at your website and see what you have going on :) Sounds interesting "It's My Mistake" - got a quick synopsis?

Forensic Investigation? That sounds really interesting and completely different to what you want to end up doing with Data Science! How come you have such a variation of your course and what you're interested in?

I actually told a lie (I know, terrible)! I meant to say I went straight to a PhD from BSc but either way, my BSc was in Sports & Materials Science and my PhD continued my final year project in materials science through (making car engine components more durable) :)

Well, I know it's not much, but here's a 100% upvote from me just to wish you good luck and give you a bit more of a boost towards that education. Hope success finds you again, whether it's in real life or here on Steemit. Don't be afraid to check back in from time to time--this is a great place to vent and document your daily life, after all. I'll keep following you, just in case. :)

Thank you! That is very kind of you! :D

It's a shame I feel I have to leave, I was hoping by keep pushing, I could eventually get my 'popularity' up. I was once, but due to personal reasons I stopped posting for a while, then when I came back, it was as if my posts were no longer interesting. I'm just not getting seen. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, or the general popularity contest that Steemit has where I'm falling through the cracks again (I've never been one for popularity contests).

I know I'm going to get really busy soon, with my Masters degree, and I can't imagine I'd be able to just pop on here every now and then to write a post and it actually being worth it. If I have to keep a constant flow of posts to actually catch attention...? So, cashing out on my Steem Power and Dollars is my best option and just cutting my losses with my Steemit future. :P

Not unless, if by a miracle, my popularity just snaps up again! Haha!

All the best!

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