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RE: What Will Happen With The Steemit Rewards After SBD Gets Back To $1?

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I really don't get why SBD is and was pumped. The only real value lays in Steem. The value of Steem should at this moment be 3/1 Steem/SBD in my humble opinion. That's what would the most honest.

Thanks for the examples.
By the way, there used to be a possibility to pay out fully in SBD, but that is gone since that pump... But sometimes I see the little dollar sign in esteem with some posts, so it seems to me people still are able to get paid out fully in SBD, which is a major advantage. Do you know of this?



things rarely go as planned. if steem was to be the main currency then rewards should be paid in that. its obvious that people are driving up the price of sbd because thats what their rewards are. so higher sbd price means higher rewards.

if SBD was to be for ecommerce it should have been used for that and not rewards. then one could trade steem they have earned for SBD and buy things with it from online stores. (alas this will require a whole new platform and reworking of the code.)

All rewards are paid - the liquid part - only in SBD now. For an explanation of how rewards paying is split, have a look at this post.

I know, I've read the post. But I have seen posts from other users that are paid out 100 % in SBD. How is that still possible?

It's not possible, you are thinking of posts that pay in 100% Steem Power (not desirable at this time)

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