STEEMIT Holmes - Your personal assistant and detective in the STEEM Blockchain

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Your personal assistant and detective in the STEEM Blockchain

For all those who want to know what is happening deep inside the STEEM blockchain, we have something new. STEEMIT Holmes provides you with everything you want to know easily and clearly, for example as statistics or graphics.

For STEEM there are already some DApps and Services: From dice to monsters, from videos to open source support, everything is represented.

But we missed one. Information. Information about what really happens in the blockchain. What happens on the blockchain is clear to everyone. But what's going on deep inside is hard to see.

Who are the top users? Who made the biggest transactions today? How is the activity in the STEEM blockchain? Did you know that the amount of transactions almost tripled compared to last year?

Transfer Activity

Or that the Witness Vote activity was highest at the beginning of 2018? We have now made all this information freely available to everyone.

Witness Vote Activity

On STEEMIT Holmes a lot of statistics and graphics give you an insight into the blockchain.

But STEEMIT Holmes can do more than general statistics. STEEMIT Holmes also gives you a cover of information about each user. Test our user search:

What does the future hold?

Of course we have many more ideas. For example, a browser plugin would be possible that would immediately give you information about a user when you visit their profile.

In addition, there are other statistics that would be interesting for every STEEM blogger. What time are the most comments? When are the most votes?

Which day was the best voted last week? Which tags get the most comments?

These are just a few examples of other statistics we would like to implement.
If you have any ideas, we would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,
Hen from PCSG


I will try this site. 👏🏽

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Hi. Great site. I would love to search for things like keywords or numbers in wallet memos. Is this easily possible, doing a whole chain search. Thanks :-)

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Can it detect fruad dApp which planning an exit scam.

There's no psychological crystal ball yet. But if you give us the parameters to anticipate such a procedure, this can be implemented, of course 😉

That would definitely be nice, considering those rather more of that going on that I would like.

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You should talk to @penguinepablo as he posts informative data charts on a daily basis but I always feel he could include so much more!
Well, he already includes a lot and it's just that my curious mind would never be satisfied no matter how many graphs and charts we would find..

Or maybe he is already your best client! I don't know, but more data is always a good thing.. hurray!

Check out his latest post!

Oh! My entire point for coming to visit you was to thank you for filling my dlease and powering me up!

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