Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account (Day 50 Results)

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Alright here are the results for DAY 50 of the Steemit Quest For One Million The rules and premise behind this experiment can be found here:

Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account

(The Gif and Title are a link):

Day 50 Results..

Item Total Average
Articles Posted: 2 156 3.12
Time Spent: .35 Hour 95.95 1.919 Per Day
*Average Hourly wage :
$29.38 vs $26.67
Decrease of $2.71 per hour. $29.38
Comments Made: 20 1083 21.66
(591.574) vs (583.309 ) vs
+ 8.265
591.574 +11.831
Account Value:
vs ($2,742.71) vs ($2,804.21) vs
-$61.50 decrease
$2,742.71 $54.854
$1,000,000 Goal Reached In: 18,230.21 Days 49.94 Years
Followers (778) vs (714) vs
64 Increase:
778 +15.56
20,000 goal reached in: 1,285.34 Days 3.52 Years
(55.814) vs (55.802)
* +.012
30.521 +.61042
* Hourly wage based on account value average change per day thus far

Easy to Read Account Stats:



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Wow I like your template! Thanks for your donation, your journey is interesting and I'm looking forward to checking it out. I think I will try out your template.

Well, good luck! I think you're the first person I saw who has that goal here. 👍

Thanks, goals provide purpose... and a reason to keep moving forward and this is a way to track progress..

What's the most valuable steemit account worth?🤔🤓

good question! 🤔

Happy to see you're just busy and not getting discouraged! :)

I can't seem to hold my VP without a slider. I'm getting there...

I won't be powering down or cashing out for years to come.

Have you tried I'm pretty sure in the settings there you can get a slider straight away. i haven't... just tried it on you. Very much appreciated! Give you 100% somewhere else! Thanks for the tip!

You've very welcome... I wish I had found out about it waaaaay earlier.

Your over half way there... :) I think you need 500 sp to get a slider...

Beep! Beep! This humvee will be patrolling by and assisting new veterans, retirees, and military members here on Steem. @shadow3scalpel will help by upvoting posts from a list of members maintained by @chairborne and responding to any questions replied to this comment.

Good, I set a goal of 5,000 Sp for this year, I powered down to zero and in January was down to about 9, right now I am at 73, I will have to post and comment a lot, I mean I will have to put a lot of time here, but time is on my hands. Your goal is definitely much harder, do you have a time table for it?

Well here is some more for you and it is a good goal to have..

Well here is some more for you and it is a good goal to have..

Keep on truckin' dude!

When you say 2 articles posted? Which two do you mean? I can only see one from a couple of days ago. Just making sure I'm not missing any pawsdog goodness.

It would be that one and this one.. As soon as I get this pond finished here.. I will be more active.. just been busy AF with the farm...

That makes sense. Glad I haven't missed any gold. Looks like you go the wallet bot to work! Good work dude!

Yeah, wallet thing was a bit tricky but I figured it out thanks to a tutorial by @fbslo

Awesome! Looks like it worked fairly well... way more comments on your TA from yesterday... hopefully peeps stick around. Great idea... I'm glad you found a way... I assume now that you've got it set up it'll be easy to re-run.

Yeah, formatting the info so its liked it the pain.. as well is the bandwith limit.. but figure I can run 500 a day or so...

So....we need 49 years for get one milion on steemit?

You have my support @pawsdog. I also want to grow the value of my account so I'll be following your posts!

ton of work, but might be worth it in the end..

interesting stuff. this is the first time i seen your quest for 1 million and i hit follow cause now im interested in seeing if you make it. 1 question is did you start out on steem with no money invested? I only ask because when I started my steem journey I wanted to see how far I could go without spending a penny of my own money.

Hey man I encourage you to continue your quest! Maybe taking a 6 month break is all you needed!

If not I would love to see one final post about your reasons why you decided to end your $1,000,000 Steemit Journey.

Have you found a better path to pursue for you?

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