Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account (Day 47 Results)

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Alright here are the results for DAY 47 of the Steemit Quest For One Million The rules and premise behind this experiment can be found here:

Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account

(The Gif and Title are a link):

Day 47 Results..

Item Total Average
Articles Posted: 3 153 3.25
Time Spent: .45 Hour 95.5 2.03 Per Day
*Average Hourly wage :
$29.38 vs $26.67
Decrease of $2.71 per hour. $29.38
Comments Made: 10 1073 22.82
(583.309 ) vs (554.977)
+ 28.332
583.309 +12.4108
Account Value:
vs ($2,804.21) vs ($2,384.76)
$419.45 increase
$2,804.21 $59.66
$1,000,000 Goal Reached In: 16,761.64 Days 45.92 Years
Followers (714) vs (693) vs
21 Increase:
714 +15.19
20,000 goal reached in: 1,316.65 Days 3.60 Years
(55.802) vs (55.467) vs
* +.335
30.186 +.64225
* Hourly wage based on account value average change per day thus far

Easy to Read Account Stats:



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Great post. I received your gift -thank you!!! You will do this. Luckily I was able to increase my account pretty quickly and still going. Keep it up @pawsdog you can do it!!!

Gonna take a ton of work but we can get there..

This is an awesome 'game' you are playing. I will be following along.

Good to know. Keep Crypto Mining @pawsdog. Right there with you bro!

Beep! Beep! @shadow3scalpel at your service. I am here to assist all military members on Steemit. This HumVee will be scouting posts from a list of Veterans that is maintained by @chairborne. If you are a Veteran and new to Steemit, and you have questions or want to join the Veterans community, reply to this comment. We got your six, unless you are in the rear with the gear. Ooh-Rah!
Comment by @inthenow. This is a opt-in bot.

@pawsdog waaaaaait...what's with all these people thanking you for a gift? I didn't get a gift.

lol, I gave you 100 percent upvote on the dan comment.. :)

Ah...I would upvote you back, but ... my VP has been monopolized by this ethical voting bot @we-resist has been working on.

Resteemed. Hope that helps you. Keep on steemin'.

ethical voting bot?

It's this bot that you sign up with and it helps fight downvote abuse without using a whale. It's ethical because it's meant to stop downvote abuse, protect minnows, and doesn't use whales.

Learn more here

Getting mixed reviews about it. I think a majority support it because they've been affected by abuse in some way, but then there are some that say we're spinning our wheels.

I think that bot could be useful against the likes of haejin or others that abuse the system, the trick would be to have a set number opted in prior to deployment. Say the bot does not begin its work until 250 or 500 members are in.. At which point, it would be exceedingly difficult for someone to counterstrike that many votes all at once.. If it just goes to work as it is filled, say it only has 10 members, then probably not so effective..

Yeah, that's a fair point. There isn't much use in smaller numbers. We're working on a report so we can see just how many we have.

That would be a good idea and likely a much better selling point.. It would also prevent initial adopters from being punished and opting out for fear of lack of support. I think a threshold of 250 minimum would make it considerably more effective as a pre deployment number.. but opting in that many could be a chore and would take considerable marketing on your behalf.

Did you sumarize the last days you haven;t posted the update :? Are you in a vacation or something or just don't have time for steemit :)

Sorry, just been doing a ton of work around the farm.. I have time.. just been crazy busy.. will get back to steemit everyday in about a week or so, once I wrap up some projects here..

There’s some nice progresss. What are you doing with your votes to help your progress? Are you doing much curation?

Yes doing curation, as well as writing and commenting and reinvesting..

Damn, You've got Steem blogging down to a science! Really cool

Hello @pawsdog i recieved the gift you sent to me, thank you and am here to build a better steemit with you together, you can do well to go through my blog u might just find a few thing that interest you, as i will be doing the the same here....LETS KEEP STEEMING.

Thank you for the nice comment I appreciate it.. :)

It will be difficult to achieve the goal, but as your SP builds up you will probably be getting more rewards per post and comment, also it depends on Steem's price behavior, so I think it is doable.

I agree, just takes time I am sure...

thanks for the information sir... really need it...👍

Nice job. I am really amazed at the positive hourly rate you've been able to maintain. With the amount of hours I spend on steemit, I'm probably at 10 cents an hour.

I should of been on here more the last week, just been busy on the farm with this pond, sun up to sun down.. lol

upvoted & followed :)

Thanks. and welcome

I received the gift you sent, thank you. I believe it's achievable, lets do it.

I'm game, lets do it as a team..

I see that you are dedicated to this quest of achieving one million dollars. Hope you can reach your goal in a short time. Upvoted!

(Thx man for inviting me your blog. I am truly honoured because I had read your blogs for a little bit and found that you fight reward pool rapists and spammers. )

I do, I need to write another article on that.. been busy on the farm this week


No problem, welcome

Congrats! You've improved your chance of success by nearly 2 years in one week.

Keep going!

ton of work but one day at a time

Thanks for the Steem!

Its so nice but i missed it because That time i was not you but now I am following you.keep it up @pawsdog and post such a informative post.

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