Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account (Day 41 Results)

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Alright here are the results for DAY 41 of the Steemit Quest For One Million The rules and premise behind this experiment can be found here:

Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account

(The Gif and Title are a link):

Day 41 Results..

Item Total Average
Articles Posted: 7 146 3.560
Time Spent: 6 Hour 89.5 2.18 Per Day
*Average Hourly wage :
$26.67 vs $32.19
Decrease of $5.52per hour. $26.67
Comments Made: 12 1061 28.87
(554.977) vs (550.200)
+ 4.777
554.977 +13.536
Account Value:
vs ($2,384.76) vs ($2,784.34)
-399.58 decrease
$2,384.76 +$58.16
$1,000,000 Goal Reached In: 17,193.94 Days 47.10 Years
Followers (693) vs (620)
Increase: 73
693 +16.90
20,000 goal reached in: 1,183.43 Days 3.24 Years
(55.467) vs (55.502)
* -.035 ( Haejin Donkey Downvotes)
29.886 +.72843
* Hourly wage based on account value average change per day thus far

Easy to Read Account Stats:



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Should be a breakpoint I imagine where momentum kicks in and you get votes purely because you are you, then 47 years becomes 27 in a week, then another where you would platau and can't reach higher at all. Think you have reached that yet given your type of content, followers that vote very early vs share your posts?

We can certainly hope so...

I agree with this sentiment. Once you get the ball rolling and your community credibility goes up then it's easier to compound.

(you hear an engine rev and horn honk)
(the window on the humvee rolls down to reveal a warm smiling face)
"Hello! I'm @shadow3scalpel and with the help of my protege, @chairborne, we are actively assisting veterans, retirees and active servicemen and women here on Steemit. We feel it is our 'duty' to support each other. Any questions or comments you may have, simply respond to this comment, thank you!"
(the window rolls up and the engine roars as it drives to the next person on the list)
Comment by @killerwhale. This is a opt-in bot.

I am not in the Military but like to say thank you for your service.✌️👍👏👏👏👏

i'm amazed by your determination to go that far but impressed with how you leveled up in such a short time.
i KINDA wanna copy your success but i feel like i got to do this my way.
will you do a post on how you managed to level up your rep so quickly?

Posting and commenting really, not sure what else..

Are you actually trying this? Well, good luck! That'll be a lot of profit on your end! :)

More for other steemians in the long run if you click the gif and read the premise behind it..

Thanks for ur information sir... & i want to say that steemit will reach at the top level one day...

No problem, thanks for the comment..

Don't let anyone stop you from creating your content, keep on going strong!

I will keep rocking out, been busy building a pond in real life so I was not able to be as active the last couple days..

Are you documenting your pond project to post about it? Yeah don't stop creating! and if you did I look forward to it!

Yeah its a duck pond / natural pool.. I have pics.. have not posted about it as of yet.. but I may...

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