Is there an easy way to batch send a few thousand wallet transactions to other users with a memo?

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I have an idea.. but first I need to figure out

Is there an easy way to batch send a few thousand wallet transactions to other users with a memo?

Say I wanted to send .001 SBD to a specific users followers with a memo? How would I go about that.. getting the list is easy, but the macro or script to do it is where?


In Javascript with steemjs (you can do it in the webconsole from for example)

list = 'billykeed,tedcarr,meno,philfreetotravel,ninoleto,acromott,sunsurfsoul,jahissac,lovejoy,juanmiguelsalas,philfreetotravel,musiclover,jlsplatts,wearechange-co,ironshield,arthuradamson,sofietness,vannour,zkalemiss,mango369,dewallenband,trilumia,xtrodinarypilot,urukai,runamok,yann0975'.split(',')

for (numero=0; numero<list.length; numero++) {
  steem.broadcast.transfer('YOUR_POSTING_KEY', 'YOUR_USERNAME', list[numero], '0.001 SBD', 'Hi, here is your memo message', function(err, result) {
    console.log(err, result);

screen shot it.. Where would I put the lines of code? in the post content box on

Press F12 and click on the console tab. It's a nerd thing but you'll get used to it :D

Hey @pawsdog ! Sorry im really off topic here, but its the only way i know to talk with people on steem. I have a question that is right up your ally. I was wondering if its a good idea to use my dirty fish tank water on my plants? This ofcourse would be like once a month thing when i clean out my fish tank. Your thoughts?

Yes your plants would love it actually.. It contains a ton of nitrates and other goodies that your veggies would love..That is basically the whole concept behind aquaponics.. There is also super easy to use...

Would it matter what stage the plants are in? Im thinking on throwing them on my flowering plants.

Also got some in veg stage so defiantly will throw some of that waste water on them. Thanks and ill check out the steem it chat.

That sludge shit from the bottom of tanks is good fertilizer as well and I don't think it matters what stage the are in..

Nice! I think aqua ponics is some cool shit! Loved your setup. Must be some hard work to setup! I would love to have one of my own but don’t think that will fly indoors😉

I'm not sure...

But what if you set up a Google doc or Google sheet with open view access... and then your memo contained the link to your thousands of transactions?

Wait sorry, do you mean you want to send thousands of wallet transactions with the same memo?

If that's the case... maybe you could request someone on Utopian to build you a bot?

that is what I'm thinking

Not sure what utopian is.. but I'm thinking of sending a memo to each of follower of my recent nemesis

Hmm, I'll try and figure it out... I'm learning how the bots work at the moment, it's not too hard, I'm just not super comfortable on javascript.

I'll look into it and if no one else has responded I'll figure out how to build it for you.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My sources say no

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Well, if they have those memo spam bots, there has to be a bot that automatically sends a list of people a memo.

I have gotten those .001 sbd transactions before that have been sent to thousands of users, I'm just not sure how they did it.. most likely end up using steem-js or steempy if you prefer python. But maybe one could ask @steemfuzzy how they do it or @money-dreamer

good questions.. I'm sure someone will have an answer

this should do - looks simple enough. if not, contact someone from steemdev, they will surely know !

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