Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account (Day 36 Results)

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The fact that heajin downvoted this project, along with every other post I had with earnings just blows my mind.. So now I have to repost all this.. and we wonder why people think the platform sucks..

Alright here are the results for DAY 36 of the Steemit Quest For One Million

The rules and premise behind this experiment can be found here:

Steemit Quest For One Million. Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account

(The Gif and Title are a link):

Day 36 Results..

Item Total Average
Articles Posted: 7 139 3.861
Time Spent: 3 Hour 86.5 2.402 Per Day
*Average Hourly wage :
$32.19 vs $39.39
Decrease of $7.20 per hour. $32.19
Comments Made: 32 1029 28.58
(550.200) vs (547.487)
+ 2.713
550.200 +15.283
Account Value:
vs ($2,784.34) vs ($3,281.78)
-497.44 decrease
$2,784.34 +$77.34
$1,000,000 Goal Reached In: 12,929.91 Days 35.42 Years
Followers (620) vs (600)
24 Hour Increase: 20
620 +17.22
20,000 goal reached in: 1,161.44 Days 3.18 Years
(55.502) vs (55.432)
* +.07 over 24 hours.
29.796 +.82766
  • Hourly wage based on account value average change per day thus far

Easy to Read Account Stats:



(note changed tag from #quest to #quest1)
( based upon user input that original tag is crowded)



This project deserves a huge upvote,
sadly I can't provide you with that..
even though your project seems to be boycotted by
"he who doesn't deserve a mention"
I still hope it will do well

Thank you.. and it will develop in time I am sure..

Interestingly, I'm going to see your progress, although I do not finish understanding what you want to do because I'm using a translator and I do not understand well at all.

Do you want to grow the account from scratch without real investment?

Yes I started with 0, no investment, content only and rewards..

ok your goal is really great, I hope you get it, that will give an example to others, also and observed that your account is very similar to mine in reputation number of subscribers and value therefore if you arrive you will give me an example also to my .
I'll be watching you, I hope you get that or a big portion of that.
Do you know the compound interest?

Greetings From Mr. Crypto. I really enjoyed your post!

Please help us grow @rehab22 Thank You!

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