How Skynet Works

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Internet of Everything, as we have seen in the previous article, will become fully implemented if many devices are able to interact with one another seamlessly and autonomously. Skynet will seek to solve this by deploying chips on IoT devices and also creating an enabling environment for these devices to be connected through the Skynet Core and Skynet Open Network respectively.


Skynet Core

Current AI devices have intensive computational requirements that is beyond the power of the normal CPU. In order for IoT devices to run effectively, they must be able to incorporate the capacities afforded by these sophisticated AI devices into very small low-power devices. OpenSingularity will create the first neuro-processing blockchain chip for use low-power devices to enable them cope with complex neuroprocessing tasks. These chips will be equipped with standard functionalities and contain the CPU, blockchain hardware and a neural processing unit.

The chips will be embedded into every device to enable end-to-end cross-blockchain communication. On top of it all, it will be highly secured with the highest security certifications.

Skynet Open Network

We have seen that the blockchain technology is a very good base for bridging the gap between IoE and artificial intelligence. However, it still has some flaws which need to be addressed. Perhaps the greatest of these is the inability of blockchains to interoperate. Many good blockchains exist independently of one another. For IoE to be effective, devices must be able to harness the advantages of each blockchain and decide which one to use for a specific purpose at a specific time. Growing needs for robustness will require the network to expand while still functioning at its optimum capacity. Right now, there is no single blockchain that can offer the right balance between these two requirements. While it may be very difficult to produce a blockchain Swiss knife that fits all, it’s more practical to enable the various blockchains to interoperate with one another. Skynet Open Network will create an infinite-chain network of connected devices across multiple blockchains, thereby greatly increasing the speed at which devices communicate with one another to as high as 1 million TPS. The devices in the network will be able to switch back and forth between blockchains depending on varying needs.

To address this, Skynet will provide a network that contains a scalable Proof of Stake blockchain platform, distributed application platform, and decentralized identity platforms (For the technical details, check the whitepaper).

The network will facilitate sharing of data between the various devices with maximum security. These data can then be used for machine learning, which improves the devices’ intelligence over time.

Implications For Us

The advantages afforded by this are endless whether in health, agriculture, industrial proceses, etc. Robo surgeons will be able to access a wide array of information and patient data on the blockchain and tailor which surgical procedure is most effective. Industrial robots will be able to access the strength of the markets and come up with innovative insights on customer behavior.

Blockchain technology has come to stay, and it offers a useful base for IoE technology. Come join the train. More information about the project and token sale could be found in their website, Telegram Group, Bounty Thread and Whitepaper.

This article was written by Paul Omits. You can reach out or check my profile (fempat) on BitcoinTalk.
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