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5 Features Needed for Steemit Mass Adoption

in steemit •  2 years ago

Maybe you should stop viewing Steemit as a money making opportunity, and start viewing it as a blogging platform.

If I have a blog on my own site and I don't make any money from it directly, and I start posting on Steemit and make $5 a post, I am better off.

But if on the other hand, I come here expecting to make hundreds of dollars, then those same $5 per post will demotivate me.

Please read my article on @startupacademy, because you are badly misinterpreting my views.

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Ok. You're right about promisses. I'll correct my comment. Yes, is better to have few cents than nothing but you'll lose a lot on SEO side because steemit does not invest yet in SEO and from what I know they will not invest soon. I have only one article from Steemit on first 10 pages of google search. And on WordPress blog almost each article is on top 5 pages.