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5 Features Needed for Steemit Mass Adoption

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And I am really tempted to flag your comment for being disinformative. Do not appreciate it at all...

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Feel free to do what you want. My intention was just to explain what I already learn from my experience. :)


Please indicate where do I "promise them they will win 1000 $ per day" and where do I encourage the readers to post in Romanian?


I fix it. My mistake.


Daca-ti creezi profilul, vei face mii de dolari?

Probabil ca nu... dar 100% vei face niste bani. Pe Facebook sau YouTube comentariul sau like-ul tau, nu valoreaza nimic! Aici macar faci ceva!

Iar daca vrei sa postezi continut de calitate, si vrei s-o faci la modul serios, poti face foarte multi bani cu Steemit.

Nu vreau sa-ti dau impresia ca pe Steemit se fac bani usor, pentru ca nu se fac! Pentru a avea succes aici, ai nevoie de aceleasi ingrediente care-ti aduc succesul si pe YouTube, blog sau podcast:

  • Continut valoros.
  • O audienta care sa consume acel continut.

"Daca-ti creezi profilul, vei face mii de dolari?" I didn't see "?" On first read.
Thanks for correction.