BANNED from attending Steemit Bootcamp

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Barely two weeks ago, I attended my first Steemit Bootcamp January 24 & 26, 2018 a solid gold two half day workshop. Forgetful as I am, I immediately signed up for the "refresher" which was held yesterday February 3, a full day workshop at NeoOne, TTDI... seven days after the first bootcamp. Yes, only seven days and felt the need for a refresher. Beat that.


It turned out the majority are newbies and the four of us were the only ones from the last bootcamp. Meet @karttina, @esdee and @lianmok. I quipped to myself, glad I'm not the only one who needed an almost immediate refresher.


It was a great refresher for a Whale Steemitian Wannabe, with a couple of additional tools and tricks thrown in by instructors @maverickfoo and @bitrocker2020 yesterday. The only part I refused to participate in is The Most Dangerous Writing App where you don’t stop typing for three minutes, or all progress will be lost. I failed miserably at the first bootcamp when my mobile phone rang and distracted me. Instead, I recorded my son...

I digressed.

Forgetting names is bad enough. When people bump into me call or greet me by name in a restaurant or shopping mall and worse, get a bear hug too, it is utterly embarrassing and depressing not to recall their names; and only able to say, "Hiiiii, so good to see you again!" but don't have a clue when or where I met them before.

I simply can't remember. Deep down I fear losing my memory, my talents and all that I read over the years and learnt. For the past two years or so I seem to draw blanks from filing cabinets, precious memories compartmentalized neatly in my brain.

Truth be told, my mom is suffering from dementia and at the back of my mind, am I on the way there too?

Hence it is a relief to note others younger than me are also forgetful and being able to comfort myself my brains are not decaying faster after all.

Yesterday was a great day. I actually remembered all the things Maverick Foo and Simon Pang taught us. In addition, during tea breaks it was sheer pleasure and joy to be able to explain to newbies who needed further clarification at my table. I did not forget.

That's not all. Maverick banned me from attending future refreshers. In other words, "Dory" I am not and this ikan bilis (anchovy) is ready for the next level! YAY!

Today is even better. I "accidentally" came across a video clip "Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign You Are Intelligent."


Since I believe nothing is a co-incidence or accident, this must be a Message from God, "If you think you are forgetful, it means you are intelligent!"

So steem on folks!








Lastly but not the least, a gentle reminder to all "Dory"s out there reading this post....

Being Forgetful.jpg


Hi Congrat to your memory returned ! ( kidding you )
Anyway, glad to be same table with you and appreciated your guidance to the operation of Steemit dashboard.
btw, many ppl actually cannot remember a person by their name. I think it is quite ok so long you still kind of recognised who the person is ... right ?
Take it easy and we shall excel in Steemit

Most times I can't recognize the person... that's the most scary part. :(

Wishing you abundant blessings via Steemit @digitalmind

Take 7 walnut a day for 3 continuos month. That will give boaster to your memory... this is chinese medication n muslim medication also. All the best okay. I am gonna still register to the next coming bootcamp.... ha...ha.... need to get the aura from the seniors n also juniors.... let's jom....

Thank you for your prescription Dr. @karttina! :D

We attend the Steemit Bootcamp Level 2 lah.

Otherwise newbies will think we are indeed dementia and your walnuts prescription failed! ;) LOL!

masterclass la joms... i plan to go.. very ambitious though.. hahaha. Catchy title @patlu. Now everyone knows already!

Ikan Bilis Dory you mean! LOL!

@patlu Dory saved the day you know.

I forgot. Thanks for the reminder @cindytan! :D <3

Yup ... and dory's saying ".. just keep swimming.. just keep swimming' Good movie to me.

Well, one of the ways to preserve your memories and life's precious moments is to blog here on Steemit. Since the posts will be stuck on the blockchain forever, you will have no issues referring and recalling all your best moments in life :D

I enjoyed the read @patiu .... I can totally relate to forgetting names and drawing blanks.... but now i am consoled by the fact that I am intelligent 😂

Yes we are intelligent after all. ROFLOL!

Good to hve you back on track @patlu ... keep writing and keep posting ya .. cheers from sabah ..

Thanks @veenang ... perhaps I should play The Most Dangerous Writing App just to pen/type something out under pressure everyday ya. LOL!

LOL... who banned you from attending future bootcamp events??? You can still join us, just not as a student but as a senior to help others with questions and help out like me, Karin, Debbie and David did..

Maverick Foo lor!

Waaaaah, I SENIOR already ah? 12 days old Steemian only lah.

SURE! Will certainly help out in future bootcamps. Say when. <3

Hahaha... well, I have no idea when the next event is... just follow Mav & Simon's posts...

Thank you @patlu. I definitely need a boot camp. Hopefully, they will be facilitators around in Sabah when I need a refresher course.

Thanks for sharing

AHA! Spotted another INTELLIGENT being here! LOL!

Ha, I actually like the pic where Joshua is like "Sshhhhh..."

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