Why is @haejin hated so much ? Steemit Drama

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If are for a while in steemit and you are someone with crypto background then you must know this gentleman @haejin. He is one of the most influencing crypto analyst in steemit. But in recent days he is getting a lot of downvotes and he is having a lot of people hating him. One blog talking negative about haejin got above $1100 in a single post.


Look at his picture

Steemit drama of people supporting haejin and hating him has started. It is good for the steemit network because a drama is what made youtube bigger and it is required for social media like steemit to grow but it is not a good thing at all for haejin's performance. He had even posted asking for help from his follower.

Who hates Haejin and Why the post about haejin got so much of money in single post ?

  • They are those people who used to take more than 1 bitcoin for same information that haejin is providing for free. Haejin is almost 100% accurate and every information is free.

So, for those scammer it is really a big problem. So they are depositing steem and converting it to steempower just to vote against @haejin. This is what caused a the post to generate such a huge amount of money and made it top on trending for days. Although his reputation got very low (-18) after he posted against haejin but the money he got was huge.

How can you help haejin ?

If you got some profit from his priceless blog then you must help @haejin. How can you help ?

Just upvote him and let him win against his downvoters. He needs a big army than ever because all those scam trader who take money for suggestion are mad at him and want's to decrease his reputation at any cost.

Thank You for reading and please support haejin if you love him.



tripled my portfolio in less than a month thanks to haejin, just sayin ....

Good Dude

Only tripled in a heavy bullmarket like that?

I am @pathi, this is my new account. I now realize how dumb it was to support @haejin, but got some Steem and SBD for posting

Guys, i wanna help Haejin and i have some SBD on Poloniex. how can i transfer it? cant find the deposit address here. thanks.

Convert that SBD to steem and buy steem from steemit wallet using blocktrades and convert it to steem.
Do not hesitate to ask if you still didn't understood.

@berniesanders is a jealous child. He is crying because @haejin gets 6% of the reward pool but he doesn't understand that this reward is deserved. @haejin provides incredibly valuable content to his audience and gets upvotes because of that content. He is proving the value of Steemit by showing that users can make a profit providing content and learning materials to the community for free.

No 1 person should receive 6% of the Steemit Total rewards pool, we have over 500K registered users. If 1 person receives 6% of the total, then the other 499,999 users get less.

I do think the poster should receive rewards for his posts, BUT 12 posts a day draining 6% of total rewards is outrageous

What is the percentage of the reward pool that goes to self-voters? What is the percentage of the reward pool that goes to ugly, non imaginative, out of focus pictures that get $xx up-votes for no sane reason?

I actually was with you people. Not because I think that @haejin is greedy. But because the reward pool is broken.

But that was, until the anti @haejin movement started to become very hostile, and using a lot of swearwords.

Is this the kind of talk that we want to see here on Steemit. Is this what we want on blogs in the trending pages?

Instead of trashing on @haejin, we should try to attract more writers to Steem. Eventually to reward pool should even out.

People need to realize that as the platform matures, most of us won't be earning that much.It's all because of the small community that the lesser writers can earn a fat paycheck. The dream of being all millionaires with sup par blogss is just not going to happen.

My prediction for the future is, that we will see more writers like @heatjin. And that the majority of the rewards pool will go to a relative small portion of the users.

I know that this isn't nice, but it's how economics work.


Disclaimer: after a few days of witnessing this 'war' going on. I felt the need to respond and express my opinion. Because things are really getting out of hand here. Please don't take this too personal. And please don't down-vote me too death. I've spend half a year, posting hundreds of comments, trying to build a name here. It would be very sorry to see my account being ruined. For trying to bring a positive contribution.


This exactly! I have no use for drama and would normally just ignore the whole thing but I was mindblown to see those hateful articles in the trending post. Then I realized that as offensive and rude as they are, I was scared to downvote because, being pretty new, I still don't know if backlash will be an issue. I just invited four people onto the platform and that is the first thing they will see when they start exploring. Not good. I said that in a really nice way and ...yep...got downvoted. WTF??

Not sure. Some people are pretty mean: downvoting you after you downvote their poor content, downvoting you for no reason at all etc.

I felt the same way and called out @berniesanders for doing precisely the same thing he reports (and profits from) others for doing. He has multiple accounts that all upvote his bot account (@abusereports) and pilfers the rewards pool daily. Last time I actually counted... I tallied $7,869.52 taken from the rewards pool in 25 days! Now the jerk is flagging everything I do... EVERYTHING! I agree with @lfepp's remarks above... @berniebaby is the Hypocrite's Hypocrite! https://steemit.com/steemit/@retiredinsamar/the-pot-calling-the-steemit-kettle-black-ain-t-this-some-shit

I disagree. What does it matter if he posts a thousand posts if they are valuable to the community. He only talks about the most important thing to almost everyone in the Steemit Community. Am I completely wrong or? Is having awesome advice for free at your fingertips a serious problem for you guys? Man you live nice lives. Some people would stab a puppy to get advice to make 1.00 USD. This guy is giving away the house. thank you Haejin.

Yeah but this is the problem for Steemit and it's designers and coders. Maybe they should work on this, but all haejin is doing is providing great content...he shouldn't be the one being mistreated...these downvotes are rediculous

I think intelligence and constructiveness should be rewarded, this is evolution not socialism - socialism is counter-evolutionary, it causes stasis and decay... any successful scheme should be compatible with evolutionary principles, so egalitarianism and getting steem power just for existing is not an option as long as steemit's originators are using an upvote system without demanding that everybody must be upvoted equally. This is not a U.S. university yet.

Prove that @haejin is taking 6% of the reward pool.

Then why does @berniesanders get to pump $7,869.52 from the rewards pool in 25 days and nobody says anything about it? That was last month... this month maybe more!

Couldn't have said it better lfepp...cheers friend

First Of All He is the Jesus of Crypto, never seen someone as accurate as Him in the entire internet. Believe me that a minimum of 4000 users made a lot of money.. FOR FREE. What this means? that he is a spiritual-financial father. By ignorance alot of people dont even see this oportunity.

He provides free inaccurate information. So yeah, thank you but nobody needs that!

Wow, nice job, a rancho downvote too on a comment on a post that is 6 months old, jesus, this dude literally has no fucking life hahahhahaaa!! Well done TANK @vladimirbtc :) Thanks for sucking up some of their voting power.

Greetings, Lyndsay!

Ive been thinking the same. At least he should feel proud for deluding less than 30.000 people -of course- those that are not bots.

Oh, and btw Haejin, how about you use that precious time of yours to read a book on how to start trading for beginners instead of binge watching the comment section?

Keep up the good fight Vladimir!

Are you still following the trades? How is performance? I think he's a really undervalued analist.

No, lol, that was dumb to follow him. I was just a noob then.

This is my new account!

Who is haejin exactly? What is his history?

I'd highly suggest reading through his blog posts @haejin. In my opinion, he is a successful trader who has decided to share his talents with the entire Steemit community- for free. He wants everyone to profit. And, he wants to "do no harm", as he says. I've started a journey of learning Elliott Wave counts and some aspects of Technical Analysis, due to his writing. That is priceless. He always emphasizes that his interpretation is just one person's view... i.e., he wants others to learn to fish, on their own. I take responsibility for any trades that I make, but I now have a better understanding of trading- thanks to Haejin's writings. I'd particularly suggest reading the "stickied" posts at the bottom of his daily blog entries, which are more educational in nature. I don't know anything about the person "Haejin", and it doesn't matter. He is doing no harm. And, by the way, the drama and jealousy regarding Haejin's success is counterproductive... it only serves to bring more attention to his work. So, why can't we all just "do no harm" and help one another? Why can't we follow his example?

It's a good way to get the media to notice Steemit. I can see the headlines. But not in a good way:
Anonymous users on blockchain based social media, uses politicians name to tell people to f*k off.

A trader who share investment advice on Crypto Currencies. Who get's a lot of hate for 'earning too much.'

The funny thing about the whole story is. They are both winners. This feud has gotten both a lot of extra exposure and a lot of votes and support.

Great I Also Think The Same Way!!

No idea where you are coming from - think it is not a matter of hate at all - I personally do not know him - as a crypto noob can not judge if his advise are good or bad - but that is not the problem. I came back from vacation and saw the flag wars. Think it is simply a matter of someone posting 10 or more posts a day getting for each of the post automatically over 200 and even more rewards with advise on coins, all posts look similar. Major votes by one certain strong stakeholder. Sure this gets recognised as kind of reward pool rape. Given the content of his posts he could summarise all in one post per day where he might earn 300 or so - but doing 10 of this posts a day will logically get the whales after him.

Am sure not even @berniesanders hates him as a person but the way these posts are throwed out and get automatically rewarded like the worst circle-jerk is something you should consider as a reason why some people do not like him. What I have seen in the last days on attack and counterattack is for sure SHIT for the platform. Are you a supporter of him? Who is he by the way?

I had to google why he was hated so much and found your article. Lol. I'm new on here and was right, just haters because he has a following. Thanks for the info

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