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Recently, I was asked that question.

In preparation for the STEEMIT IN NIGERIA Conference, @ehiboss requested that I make a video that they could show the attendees at the conference. Of course I wanted to help out. Here is what I came up with.

To find out more about the STEEMIT IN NIGERIA conference, click here. A lot of incredible steemians are hard at work to grow the number of steemians in their communities.


Although the video that I made is about five minutes long, if I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would probably say something like this:

Steemit is an online outlet for your hobbies and creativity where you can not only interact with members of a global community who share your interests, but actually get paid for doing so too!

What about you? What does steemit mean to you?

Until next time…

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A social media with a difference, it is an amazing library of talents which rewards participants for their efforts in participating. I see it as a sort of a revolution of the social media which had so far successfully changed the status quo. It is an awesome challenging endeavor where I have learned so much in just a few months. Nobody does it like steemit. ✌️

Absolutely! Very well said. Thanks for that.

You are most welcome.

It is awesome how far STEEM has come and all the people who have joined!

Yet, for some reason the coin still goes down.So us insiders know that the platform is doing well. But new parties don't know that and might think twice before joining the platform.

That is true but if we keep gaining overtime and a certain percentage stick around then we will gain a bigger and bigger foundation overtime.

You are right. We need to build a solid user-base first. Ideally people who don't write blogs directly related to steemit. Because other subjects will probably do better in the search engines.

I fully agree!

What does Steemit mean to me? It's a place to be myself. My imperfect, non-instagram worthy photo taking, self. With Instagram photos and million follower blogs and Youtube out there, it's nice when you can show what you are into and have others see and interact with you about what you enjoy. And its kind of nice when you get rewarded for being just you.

I like that part of it, because I wasn't planning on being anyone else anyway!

Just about right, @papa-pepper! :) And also the encouraging and uplifting people around! And it amazes me that people are interested on what I can offer.

I love the positive and uplifting aspect of steemit! Thanks for bringing this up.

I believe this stems from the subjective valuation - trolling on steemit will lose money, whereas on facebook, youtube, reddit etc there are relatively little consequences.

I am so glad I haven't crossed with those kind of people yet.

Keep up the great work, my friend. upvoting and resteeming for you to spread the word.

Good Nigeria Conference info

Thank you!

where we meet great people like you @papa-pepper....nice question to ask

LOL, thank you!

What is steemit to me? Steemit is a place to share things I have learned in my past,teaching at the preschool I work at. It's a community of people who have common interest to share with each other. It is where we can speak freely. Right now I am working on building up my steem power. I am not at a point of cashing anything out yet.

AH yes, speaking freely! Very important!

Steemit is a place for me to post about things I would normally post if I had my own website. But here I get a following with similar interests. Whereas on a blog or website, you have to go out an "recruit' fans, readers and followers.

Steemit is also an outlet for me to interact with other people and share ideas, brainstorm and learn new ways of life, gardening and homesteading.

Well said.

You got it girl!

Steemit to me is a place where I've FINALLY met lots of like-minded homesteaders willing to support each other - that's in upvoting, educating, share ideas and knowledge etc. I've met more people here than I have from over a decade of blogging on a different platform.

Yes! And not just homesteaders - eco-friendlies, preppers, hippies, wish-they-coulds and all sorts of nice 'normies' ! Community is a top reason here ;p

I TOTALLY agree!

Me too! I know a lot more homesteaders in my actual area too!

Exactly what you said, Steemit is an opportunity! For many people, it's just a blogging platform. But it can be a great entrance into the crypto world. Love the video @papa-pepper. Love your story about once being a person with little to no digital background to now being a person that advocates crypto and Steem. Amazing story. Going to share your video with my mom. :P


Indeed! Steemit is totally mom friendly as well ;p

I hope that your mom likes it!

Steemit is a social community where you have fun engaging in stuff you're passionate about and get rewarded for your hard work. Writing and curating quality posts earn you better rewards.

knowledge sharing place :-)


in one sentence? I'll have to cut out some of the important but secondary considerations

Steemit is a place where I can have my express my view w/o fear of centralized censorship AND that pays me to do so!

There is much more to this platform than that, and others have shared those ideas!

Nice one!

I'm really excited to see what Steemit can do in Nigeria. 1 SBD there has the power to do a lot!

Interesting the sbd could become a truly global currency - although now it makes me think - ' how soon before we want to untie it from the dollar and make a steem gold nugget or something?'

Steemit, mr. @papa-pepper, could be the liberating sword that cuts free the yoke of big banks, big corporations. Just the thought of a different, humane, logical economical exchange is a light of hope in the darkness of developing countries. The possibilities are endless!
Thanks to @carrieallen for pointing me in your direction. This is only the beginning!

steemit is a best future for online worker.

Steemit a place for me to share my writing and drawings that appreciate quality and originality, and the best thing is, Steemit is an opportunity to participate toward a better world and get rewards.

I am amazed with the excellent post. I do not know what to do anymore because my post did not produce results. how should i thank those of you who have shared (stories & accurate information) i can only say ... thank you for sharing! i say success always! @papa-pepper

You should keep in mind that any results I produce are the result of daily investment into the steemit community for almost a year-and-a-half now.

It's a lot of work, and I get frustrated some days, but I still keep working at it.

Steemit can also be a hand up and not a hand out to individuals in 'developing countries'

Yes! You are so right about that!

Agree on that!

in my veiw..
if you want a settled career & ofcourse with having a community all around the globe..
then sttemit is the platform..
dont gonna miss it!!

Still takes a lot of work for a 'settled career' - but its possible to do with steemit without big brand advertising thats for sure.

Hi there @papa-pepper i was suppose to be in steemit in Nigeria but i could not make it.

To me, steemit is another social media level that allows you to socialise, create contents, and earn for having fun.

@steemitblog you should hook up with papa-pepper to see if you can use his video for marketing. Great video, great explanation, by a great steemian.

A supportive community, where like minded people can grow and flourish.

To me Steemit is a way to get away from the "traditional" (facebook, Instagram, etc) social media sites and freely express myself while earning "rewards". I like earning STEEM and SBD for spending time online as opposed to being "the product" on other social media sites!

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Steemit is a ray of hope, the best publishing platform ever built. It has demonstrated unequivocally, the power of a decentralised application to add value globally and to build communities of extraordinary quality and diversity. It has shown how readily people will adopt and transact using a token that is imbued with the integrity of a blockchain. It means so so much and has altered the way I look at the world forever.

It has forever changed the way that I look at the world as well. Also, it gave me a reason to go online. LOL.

And me! Lol

Steemit is the drug for my internet addiction.

Yes it is!

@papa-pepper steemit is a place to learn how do you could catch and collect your own food, and shared with others foragings.
Best regard @galberto

Freedom to just be a human and not be labeled into just one tiny portion of who I am based on my education.

Steemit means an avenue to put some of my thoughts on the blockchain which ensures its frozen in time. Getting paid for it is just a huge plus. Thanks

A good question :) It became so important that it is the last thing I see before I go to bed and the first thing I open when I wake up lol

You are not alone in that!

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I was at the conference and I watched the video. I was really excited to see you and the words you spoke just blew me away.
Thank you for coming to Steemit in Nigeria. You are awesome!!!!

I keep saying it...
Steemit is the gateway drug for Cryptocurrencies. It's the killer app for Cryptocurrency adoption...


I got the gift/prize in sbd you sent to me for the daily selfie contest. I thank you for that

Who is so cool! I'm glad to hear it, and thanks for the encouragement.

You have already answered it as well as I can.

Hey...question for you:
As a Steemian that has ordered and handed out much Steemit merchandise...what are your thoughts and opinions on the new Logo and branding!! I'd love to hear your thoughts in a post... If you think you want to speak on it!!

Well, the original logo still represents the blockchain and the cryptocurrency steem. It is only steemit Incorporated that the new logo represents, tell I will continue to use the old logo just like I always have.

Good choice. The old logo is free and open to use - the new steemit logo is actually copyrighted. Our creativity should be funneled toward the general not the specific.

Steemit to me is a life enhancement platform!

Thanks @papa-pepper for your help and interest for steemit extension in Nigeria which I am one of them.

Your explanation here is clear and simplified.

Very valid point!

Steem is a revolutionary application of blockchain technology to create subjective valuation based on community consensus. Steemit takes this revolution and applies it to social media - where we can lock in content that we want to share with others and also receive a subjective valuation and the subsequent value generated!

Way to show me up. I might edit my post to use this as my sentence instead.

Whats mine is yours Papa!

Well said! :) Best wishes.

Thank you! Love and Light!

that is one hell of a mouthful :D Good thing I made you study English in school :D

Hahahaha! Good thing ;p

now go read the story I wrote about you :D
Love, your Mom XXoX

Oh boy here Im going now ;p

Okay so now that he's gone!

I think what he was trying to say was that Steemit is a place he loves so much that he told his Wife and Mom all about it and many friends too.
It's become a place where you are free to find like-minded people to discuss things with or just be yourself and explore new things. :D

Did you distract me and then interpret me? Without permission????


Might have done the first 2 :D I have NO! as in, NONE, Nadda Zip! idea what you are talking about when you say permission. I'm your Mom! no asking is needed :D cuz you love me!


Steemit is to me a community where i share my life and get paid to engage in the community.

The community pays you for your value and participation,so i would rather develop my time in the community and get paid some time to come(you can also get paid as a new person!)

I agree. It is amazing to be able to interact, share, and encourage and actually get paid to do so!

Steemit for me is a community where members socialize and earn while doing so.

Hey brother I appreciate hearing your input on steemit and how it can be beneficial for all, I agree with you of course, I mean I know many others do as well I'm glad to stop by and check your your page out and I'm originally from Arkansas too, I was just looking and saw that you're from Arkansas so very nice to meet you, anyway that's enough said by me I guess and take care and be well brother. @papa-pepper

Steem to me means a dream for the future... where creators of all types can monetize their work in a freer and more independent way. Where having multiple income streams and managing your own time becomes the norm, with rigid 9-5 jobs becoming the exception to the rule. It represents utopia on the internet!

It is making me stretch and grow in ways I did not consider "important" until I got started here. The "social media" aspect of it makes you dig deeper for meaningful posts than tracebook or myface. The rewards aspect makes you try to be your best self.
But the bots piss me off... ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

post about the stuff you like, make new friends, make money. Can't get any better, can it?

I love you papa (hpx)

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Very nice Mr @papa-pepper ! Best wishes :)

Your definition works! I like to focus on the creative spirit of it all, whenever I define it, because that's the part that interests me most. I say it something like this:

Steemit is a stage, a spotlight, and an amplifier for the Creative Age, when we survive and thrive by our creativity. For every kind of artist, this is a playground where we find our voice, stand for what we believe in, and connect with others like us. For example, Steemit promotes creative thinking through contests and events such as the Steemit #openmic, #colorchallenge, and #culinarychallenge. Participants earn monetary rewards, along with growth opportunities in body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, through four levels of creative thinking: observation, communication, creation, and curation.

Steemit is a stage, a spotlight, and an amplifier

I like that!

the proposal is wonderful, hopefully here in Venezuela also ideas arise as well. here the people need it. In the middle of a very severe crisis, Steemit has become the best answer or the best ally.

Glad to hear it!

That was a great video presentation you gave a the the steemit in Nigeria Conference. It was amazing getting to know you from there.

Thank you!

Back in the day around 1996 I was really involved with IRC and it sorta was like my life... it was my outlet to the world. I was someone there and I had a reputation. I wasn't a sriptkiddie persay but I was someone who could help them fix the issues they couldn't solve. The only chick at the time that actually was into all that. I had a following of people sorta kinda. Anyhow I gave all that up due to various reasons and I was never happy because I had to abandon my life force... myspace, facebook and ello wasn't the same. A friend from IRC suggested I come to steemit and try it out. They thought it'd be a good place for me to explore my many hobbies. I was hesitant at first but I finally listened and jumped in. I'll have to say so far I like it. I still have a lot to learn about it but I'm sure that will come in time. In the mean time I want to focus on the creative aspect. I think I've finally found somewhere I can grow. So, steemit really makes me feel like I am in my element that's for sure.

Oh and I never really could get into reddit unlike my husband who is a huge redditor and complains that a lot of people come to steemit to try and make a quick buck and not try and actually produce decent content and the ones that do makes nothing. I do try and help out the smaller people when the first start altho I am nothing big...

Any how, there is my 3.5 pents. LOL :)

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@papa-pepper i really have to appreciate your leadership, love and tranquillity towards Nigeria's steemains i was live at the meeting watch your speech thanks you very much.
To me @japfive steemit is everything to me i have to travel down to ile Ife just for this great event once again thank @papa-pepper. Nigerians has a lot of projects go on now for steemains i love steemit

Hopefully one day I can give a message there in person!

yes sir! We are working towards that, I appreciate your input for the steemit in nigeria conference, hopefully by 2018, we will be able to pull one or two top men in steemit to our conference in nigeria.

@destinysaid, entertainment manager for SIN

That would be incredible!

I wish so too, seriously we will gladly host the great @papa-pepper. I personally we see to your maintenance 🙌

Thank you!