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RE: Curation rewards explained in great detail

in #steemit6 years ago

It is great post. Really glad to find it so early.

It would be great, if someone could provide exact formula for calculating vote reward.


It's very complicated, i would have to go through complex source code. Maybe some day i will ;)

Unfortunate that the formulas aren't in the FAQ.

Maybe you could point out the place in souce code there curation logic may ne? At least the file or even the folder name would be helpfull.

I haven't looked at the source code yet, otherwise i would have given you the exact formulas. This article took me about 3 hours already, going through the source code is an 8 hour project for a later time ;)

if I have 100 steem power and I get $.02 and does that mean if I had 1000 Steem power I would get a bigger reward in the same circumstance?

To my understanding, yes.

yep, probably $.20

Actually this sound so complicated that I will read it again later...

lol same here..

It's good information, but I believe that one has to be properly wired for math to understand it fully.

Guess the steemit team are keeping that one under wraps to up their curation rewards...

If i read the post right , i think that formula is not constant , like bitcoin miners have difficult level , that is making them harder to mine bitcoin , for me , this represent the exact same thing...

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