So Facebook, what's next?

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This year was not very good for Facebook and Mark. In the process started with the scandal of leaking user data and after that damaged 75 billion dollars in company value in 10 days, prestige was severely shaken and had to change their existing systems and algorithms. The need for such an arrangement as a platform has millions of active users like Facebook is a big deal. It was a coincidence that Zuckerberg, who remembered why he founded Facebook after these events, said he would make a statement that sees more friends and family interaction and less page communication on the home feed. The major algorithm changes made in this direction have made the corporate account, and page owners worry. In recent days, Buffer's statement, I can say that these thoughts were not wasted. Working with BuzzSumo to study the data of the top 20,000 brands on Facebook, Buffer revealed that page interactions decrease by 50%. The shipping interactions are more significant, dropping by 3/4. Big brands may tolerate this, but what about small business owners? The situation doesn't seem too bright for them, because this decreasing in interactions is expected to continue. As someone who has a business account on Facebook, this change is for the benefit of users, at least I do not think that is the primary goal. I believe there is an improvement in the income model of the platform, which is free for users. Because during Facebook has been updating the user side in all this process, also has increased the message "advertise" to page owners like me. In the past, fewer incoming messages have now started to arrive every day, sometimes more than once a day, including notification and mail. You see, Facebook now harasses page owners like me, and with this new algorithm, you can't even reach users who like your page and want to follow. So Facebook says, "I don't care if these users want to follow you, hear from you if you want to reach them, you're gonna pay me!" This is the day-to-day correspondence it's like between two people who love each other and enter an irrelevant person and says "Give me money if you want to talk to him!". I still use some of the functions of Facebook, but I restrict the use of my corporate accounts because if you can't reach people without promoting all the efforts you spend are meaningless. What can I say, I love organic! Who knows maybe this process applies not only to Facebook but to all social media that once aroused a great response. Perhaps we need new and different platforms now and the new platform can be Steemit. Who knows...

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