Promotion Tips! Lets get the most out of this new feature!

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Hi Steemians! With the new feature on Steemit (promoted posts, in case you missed it, official announcement here) and with the purpose of not getting the Promotion rates too high and get the most out of this new feature, you should follow the following tips.

  • Remember that only Boost Payments are considered to rank posts so if you want to be in the first place you just need to send a really small amount more than the Boost Payment on the first ranked post. Even just a cent more.
  • If someone happens to Boost their post more than yours, don't go crazy, you just need to send enough for your total Boost Payments to be just a little higher.
  • Don't try to compite with rich people they will just send lots of money so that their posts are in the first places and this will bring the rates to the sky!
  • Flag posts that used a ridiculous amount of Boost Payment.
  • Don't abuse and always use a considerable Boost Payment otherwise you may risk getting flagged.
  • Check the promoted area so you can discover new good authors that believe in themselves but remember just to vote for content you would have upvoted even if unpromoted.
  • Finally remember NOT to promote post that has passed its first payout cause the system will allow it but it will get removed with the first upvote.

Well that's about it ...

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Good to know. Every couple days something new. I'm busy to follow all.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Nice post @oumar

Eventually though, this will be abused and we will see only already rich people trending...

Yes unfortunatly most likely soon we will need a lot of money to get to the top places on the promoted list, unless we consistently downvote abusers.

If you dont want to see your steem get burned through the promotion system, then why not directly powerup another user and keep the steem in the system ;)

Thats a great idea! Ilike the idea of helping another steemit user to gain more power.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the tips! Just promoted my first post tonight and didn't totally understand how it works.

Great tips! I think that there should be a maximum boost payment. Maybe a maximum of let's say $100?

I totally agree with you! On both the idea and the amount.