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Last Year on Steemit

A bit over a year ago, I discovered Steemit, and tried it for a few months. Unfortunately the results were a bit discouraging. Posts earned next to nothing (occasionally it was actually exactly nothing), and my vote was worth nearly nothing too - in spite of having invested in some Steem Power. As I wrote at the time, I just wanted my vote to cause a visible uptick, i.e. be worth at least 1 cent.

The situation at the time was that only a handful of people had votes that actually mattered. I remember seeing posts with around a hundred votes even failing to scrape a Dollar together, while others, seemingly random posts that weren't any better, made it big because a whale had upvoted them.

It all seemed rather pointless, more like a lottery, where a whale vote meant winning the lottery. I kind of lost interest and moved on to other things.

Returning to Steemit

But after many months of inactivity, I recently returned to check Steemit out again.

Thankfully things appear to have changed mostly for the better. Changes to the way voting power is calculated for instance, made for many more Steemers with a meaningful vote, and hence more distribution of author rewards.

For me personally, while I craved a mere 1 cent vote last year, now my vote is worth around $1! Voting is suddenly a lot more meaningful.

Saturn V Take Off

Now my problem is finding some decent content to upvote, I don't have time to select the optimal 11 posts to upvote, but I try to find 3 or 4 each day.

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It's always good to hear a then & now perspective. Things are changing for the better. That's Sunbathing to be celebrated!

Thank you for posting @ottodv.

Happy Steemit Birthday and Welcome Back.

Lovely post topic......yes back wanted to bring value to Steemit and there just seemed no way to do it.

You still have your followers too.
People talk about dead followers; but you never know who's just taking a break.
Welcome back :)


Thanks! Good to see you're still here.

It's a shame I stumbled on your post @ottodv slightly after the 7 day cut off. I'm kinda fascinated how steemit has changed in the eyes of those who signed up in the early days, left, and then came back. I'm wondering if this will become a trend if steem's value appreciates to the point that dormant steem sitting in accounts suddenly has far more value. At the moment I'm a little bipolar about steemit - one day loving it, the next cursing the fact that below par posts are raking it in while obvious talent gets next to nothing.

And I was about feeling the same until you came in for a vote. :) I get a lot of attention but it doesn't bring any monetary value. Thanks.

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I understand the feeling.... I guess one should create content that the masses love. Personally I have noticed the most interesting youtube channels are the ones that reveal something from the personality behind the channel. I guess people love yellow press in general. On the other hand, personally I prefer new views that widen my thinking, even contradictionary to my old paradigm might be interesting to read... Soon enough you notice your opinion is changing to the new paradigm. :-O

Hey Otto, nice to connect on Steemit! Look forward to your posts

After reading your blog, I am really happy you are back! 😎

Glad you have decided to give steemit another try. And thanks for your help earlier. 😎