Before you decide to use "resteem service"

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So it seems some users have started to provide resteem service in exchange for sbd/steem. This is very similar to advertisements seen on instagram ,twitter or facebook.

However, if you plan to use one, you should always keep in mind Popularity Ratio.

Popularity ratio= Number of followers/ number of following

If this ratio is more than 2 or 3 or even higher it means its a very popular account and it wouldn't be a bad idea using resteem service from them. If however, its 1 or lower it would be very unwise to pay for "resteem service"

Lets take an example,

My good friend on steemit @Scrooger popularity ratio = 816/211=3.86.

Lets take another example

joanaltres popularity ratio = 15993/64786 = 0.2468.
That is way below 1 and this means its not popular account.

Keep this in mind if you ever plan to use any "resteem service".

Hope this was helpful

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Yeah, I saw this "Joan of Alt" character who has been endlessly spamming the blockchain, begging for two dollars per resteem. However, @resteembot, does the same exact thing for just a few cents. You do the math.

Upvoted and Resteemed. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us Steemians!

By the way, can I get a resteem??? :D


Great comment bishop! Haha you made my day =D

YEs. it is so wasteful if the resteem did not reach broad audience.

Interesting. I tend to follow everyone who comments to me. Perhaps I should be a bit more selective?


I don't get it. What the sense of the ratio???????????
It should be a simple logic. The more followers you have, the higher the probability that many will see your post.
I doubt if this post gives an accurate information to it's readers.
Besides, who knows if those followers are active or not??????

Well it is very difficult to know how many real active users are on that account. Even less clear is how many of those will vote as you have only 10 votes per day now. If a resteem account resteem 10-20 posts, voters are probably tapped out. Resteem services seem more like a scam. I have tried them with little positive effect. I suggest staying away.

thanks for the tip!! im just starting on steemit and it can use all the advice i can get. followed :)

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I've been curious what the ideal ratio of followers / following is. I was not aware that the term "popularity ratio" describes what I've been pondering. I kind of feel bad because I have more people following me than people that I'm following but I also struggle to keep up with even the modest number of people I follow. I guess this post has kind of put my mind at ease regarding having more followers than people I follow, especially if it means I'm doing modestly well.

In the beginning I was kind of naive and would follow anyone who'd comment on my posts and I replied to bots....yeah. But I've wised up since then a little bit and I'm being more selective of who I follow. I've unfollowed a few who post like every 5-10 minutes because the quality of the posts isn't really acceptable. I still haven't found the time to seek out more people to follow but hope to do so in the near future.

Thanks for sharing this bit of information. I found it useful :)

very helpful