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RE: This Is A Post For You

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The Master has spoken. At least I'm pretty sure because, as a maximizer of my individual (egoistic) benefit (even if at the detriment of the whole) I only made a cost/benefit analysis based on the photo image and the last paragraph. Upvote me P-L-E-A-S-E (because when I rule the world it will, by definition (mine) be a much better place!).

p.s. This comment WILL be voted up by some of my VERY subservient hangers on :-)


isn't honesty much more fun? :D

I have found that honesty (plus a euro or two) will get me a a cup of coffee. Honesty alone has gotten me free lodging (in a jail cell LOL).

lol... This is an EPIC response!

Talk about how to win friends and influence people (then again I just followed you so work that out).

Mr. President I agree that Mr. Prime-minister has done a very good job! May I suggest the cabinet discusses on the length of each paragraph and maybe the most appropriate tints of colours for pictures? :P

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