The Best vote selling services in Steemit ?!!

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After trying most known services for selling your votes:




I found that Smartsteem is the most rewarding vote selling service if you are not a regular writer In steemit but if you are a regular writer ( 3 posts in the week at least)
the best service for you is Shadowbot.

I did not found MinnowBooster very rewarding like the other two services.

If someone found other results please inform us in a comment in this post.


Thanks to you all.
And have a nice day.



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    thanks for sharing this information, but I m totaly confuse that this vote selling services. Tell me about that vote selling service depend on the steem power and how to get best rate for selling votes.

    Thank You very much sir for learning about The Best vote selling services in Steemit . new user all time doing mistake when they try to buy vote on steem bot tracker.


    I did not mention buying votes I just gave my opinion in selling your vote.
    and thanks for your comment

    the first two options are the best right now indeed


    thanks for confirming my experience my dear friend :-)

    detailed information thanks..


    thanks my friend

    wow thanks sir for this info..

    Can you mention or write a new post about which service charge less, I mean which one is the profitable.


    I found that Smartsteem is the most rewarding vote selling service