A Must Watch For All {Steemit press section with @ned, @pkattera and @sneak answer questions}

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This video will tell you more of what you don’t even know about SMT, Steem , Steemit and Goals

Original post HERE

This meeting or can I say press section was put together by @richardcrill and @lindseylambz

@ned Scott CEO

@ned Scott the CEO of steem blockchain explained SMT ( smart media token ) as an idea of tokenizing the internet and paving way for businesses with the SMT technology building a community where ideas could be shared and real life problems could be solved

He also talked about how special it is meeting Steemians in person after building strong relationships behind screens and the overwhelming feeling of seeing the persons behind the screen names

@pkattera - Head of Design and interim/head of product

@pkattera gave an account of how steem starts rising in July 2016 and how he got into steemit and his first post gave him a really great reward. More details in the video

@sneak - Lead technical

@sneak also gave his own account of how he got to steemit and great reward on his first post . Details in the video

Questions Answered by @ned , @sneak and @pkattera

1• How Long have you been in Austin Texas

Ans: by @ned

2• How Steem Blokchain was founded

Ans: by @ned

3• Average time taken to complete registration

Ans: by @sneak and @pkattera

4• Use cases for communities

Ans: by @ned , @pkattera and @sneak

5• Thought about ICO marketing

Ans: by @pkattera and @sneak

6• Media Tokens and Benefits

Ans: by @ned

7• Are people comfortable with too many Crypto Currencies

Ans: by @ned and @sneak

8• How can SMTs empower the community at large

Ans: by @ned , @pkattera and @sneak

9• Difference between Steem and Steemit

Ans: by @ned and @sneak

10• Building SMT

Ans: by @ned , @pkattera and @sneak

11• Steemit Goal

Ans: by @ned

12• Introducing Dlive School

Ans: by @ned , @pkattera and @sneak

I hope you’ve been blessed and I’m sure your orientation is boosted and you can say more things about steemit than before .

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