Is anybody using the Steemit SAVINGS Account ? How much Interest do you earn ?

in steemit •  10 months ago

I was looking over the features on the Steemit Wallet and have been curious about the SAVINGS account that shows earning 0 % APR .

Does this show 0 % APR until I transfer some Steem dollars there ? How much Interest can you earn in the SAVINGS Account ? 0 % ? 10 % ?

Update: I just transferred $10 from STEEM DOLLARS to SAVINGS and it now shows I have $10 in SAVINGS earning 0 % - so no real benefit that I can see ..... unless I start earning 10 % after 3 days ? Stay tuned or Resteem for more updates.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.01.14 PM.pngThanks .....

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hmmmmm .... I'm kind of nervous to Transfer any since I'm not sure if there is another option to choose a small amount to Transfer and I don't want to Transfer everything.

Is it a good idea to transfer some Steem Dollars to Savings ?

Nobody knows ?

Maybe I will transfer 1 Steem Dollar just to see what happens ..... Stay tuned....

I have no idea😊 wish I could help u.
I have wondered myself


I just transferred $10 Steem Dollars to Savings and it now shows $10 in Savings earning 0 % Interest - Now I know.


Ok 😊 then maby I'll do the same.
Thx for telling me.
Have a great day

OK - I did it - I transferred $10 Steem dollars to Savings and it says earning 0 % Interest there too .... Now I know.

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Definitely not worth it.. keep your SBD liquid


Yeah ... I see no reason to keep it in savings earning 0 %


Even a bank will pay me 2% these days


Apparently the savings is also for safety, if a hacker gets into your account he would drain all liquid currencies but if he tries to withdraw from savings it will take 3 days during which you can ask for help and block it