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RE: 270+ Days / 9 Months on Steemit! 🤙

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Great article and coverage so far on the platform. I feel I'm in the same boat. The decentralized technologies truly have a place in our ever-changing society. We know that people VALUE social media and/ or the content they produce. From the globalized industrial point of view or from that of the individual the blockchain will definitely bleed into society same as did Facebook. With the security or permanence of Blockchain it'll allow us to keep business records and allow ease of transaction.

I'm most excited in applying this technology in the mindset of long term savings, business infrastructure, and peer to peer transactions.

Keep up the great coverage. I enjoy reading your reviews and your format has really improved since you first joined. Looking forward to the next 100 days.


Thanks for the media/tech insight, that's exactly it, but I guess it's easier for others to trust Zuckerberg and maybe his Facebook coins..? No true decentralization in things like that but when you're stuck in a loop you don't see what's going on I guess..

Thanks again man looking forward to it. To the future!

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