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RE: #3 Bot Guidelines for Beginners: Testing 8 Medium Bots - Min Bid Vs Upvotes Value

in #steemit4 years ago

awhh as usual helpful..:)
i have low sbd so i can use these medium bots..
but i am suffering with the problem that i can't transfer sbd less than 1 to any bot.. so i don't know what to do kindly help me..
and again thanks for such a great and wesome post dear!!


Hi @nomee004, I just check your wallet... hmm don't think so it's advisable for you to use medium bot. Please consider the extra-small & small Bots first. You must check the calculator. Go and check the first & second series for those bots. Medium bots so risky with very low SBD.

I just saw your post with that beautiful evening photo, wish I had visited your page earlier so that I can upvote that post. I really love that shot. You really have skill with photography. Awesome shot!

yeah i just love photography ..
i really appreciate photography as well thats why i asked you about your cellphone because those were awesome pictures.. thanks for appreciate..
and yeah i can't follow someone nor unfollow i don't what kinda problem i am facing..
it says buy your steem something like that.. kindly help me out..

Hi @nomee004, okay first we increase your SBD in #HHG8. #HHG8 has started. Looking forward to meet you there. Have a pleasant evening!

yeah i am trying to show my participation..
have a good day!!!

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