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in steemit •  5 months ago

Hello guys, today i want to post something which is very close to my heart. Yes, all of us have that one hobby which we could not do. Everybody has something to express to the world it can be singing, writing, acting, etc. We are so busy with our life and can't spare time to do what we love to.
Fortunately now with the help of technology we all got that platform to fulfill what we want to do. For example if i talk about myself then i have this hobby of singing. In starting i use to record my song in voice recorders but it was so unprofessional. Even if i liked them it was just for me and i could not share it with anybody. Now days so many singing applications are available on all mobile platforms and you can use any of them and sing your song.

There are different applications for writing and sharing too. Like steemit, we can write here what we thing about a particular matter and post it in a category.
My main concern for writing this post is to bring more people into the act of expression on this platform. You may write poetry and post here, sing your song and let everybody listen it. Show your acting on different acts and don't worry about others especially when negative comments are forbidden here. One might say that this post is unnecessary but i believe people should start thinking of more of entertainment than just being informative and earn money here.
So guys enjoy yourself on this beautiful platform and express yourself on the most advanced based platform(Block chain)

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