Back after 4 months... With an odd story to share.

in steemit •  8 months ago

Hi everyone. I haven't been on this whole Steem thing for 4 solid months. Just completely forgot about it! Do you ever wonder to yourself how on Earth do you discover your own voice in such a noisy world that is constantly flooded by instant communications, as well as over-the-top entertainment?

I am definitely an introvert. I prefer my own company, and I cherish the company of dear ones.

I wanted to share a story, in order to try open up a bit. It will be weird for a lot of people, but I like to share things like this, to challenge what we belief is our limit.

I once went to a "cuddle party", in which , after going through some ground rules, you then cuddle with whom you want, as long as you want, as little as you want.

You can see even men cuddling men, and that is just what I did. (I'm heterosexual by the way)

I remember being to one of these things first, and I was so paralysed by fear, that I was alone for over 20 minutes.

I then went in again, and was asked if I wanted to cuddle both a man and a woman together... I agreed, and to really immerse myself in it, I was the one in the middle, cuddling the man in front, and the woman cuddling me from behind. I was the "meat" between the sandwich!

I then went home, hard in my heart for hours and hours!

I then went to another, feeling just wonderful, full of endorphins after the next one was over.

It was a lovely experience to cuddle another man, despite being straight. It was a healing experience in many ways. It first brought up a lot of inner hostility, coldness and mistrust, which then was allowed to come up and then be let go of.

I'll leave it here, but I just wanted to share that with you.

God bless.

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