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RE: Why people are leaving Steemit?

in #steemit3 years ago

I have always told people... "You post on Facebook and all those other social media sites and do not expect to get paid. You should have the same motivation on SteemIt. Start posting articles that you enjoy writing about, and if you make money b/c of it then it's a win/win."


Part of the problem is that Steemit UX is geared towards making money. The first thing users see is "Get paid to post" and the value of an article front-and-center immediately flips a switch in people's brains. What this does is attract get-rich-quick schemers, algorithm-gamers and at the same time puts off creatives and already popular content creators, it immediately triggers the "scam" flag in their brain.

Steemit Inc should instead put time into creating a superior user experience, curation and recruitment of popular content creators.

I feel that your comment needs to be seen by creators of Steemit. How could we do it? We need to help to improve this platform.

I'm not sure they care very much.

Very good point. I know ideas along those lines have been brought forth to SteemInc with no prevail too. Its unfortunate the lack of development.

Good point. It should be obvious to everyone, but surprisingly it's not.

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