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Thank you @steemitblog for this guidelines. This shows that you are aware of what is going on and not sleeping. I appreciate you a lot.

I suggest that if you know of any duplicate community, you can give them the mandate to merge and work as one. Especially if they are in the same country. And have the same mission and vision.

I also suggest that you consider some new communities that have been working hard to run contests and are paying rewards consistently but haven't received any assistance and from their statement of purpose, they have genuine intention to promote steemit by assisting users to be more active. @steemkids for instance.

In steemkids community, we have more than 3 admins and 7 MODs who are working hard to drop comments on every posts made in that community. And to vote them as well.

We have more than one contests running at a time to reward and keep members busy.

We have projects of helping school kids with notebooks which have already been printed and will be shared during school graduation. This will surely draw people to steemit. Other projects are soon to be unfold.

We want to welcome ending plagiarism to join our community and to be one of our mods to assist us with fishing out plagiarized contents. I mean to join steemkids community.

If you notice that steemkids community is not doing the right thing, you can call us to other and so are other communities.

Thank you once more for these guidelines.


Have you seen the Crypto.Kids Community run by @mariana4ve...

And now @ponpase has also set up Youth Club...

Maybe you can all work together...

I appreciate your kind response and suggestions @steemcurator01.

I agree that we are all communities for kids, but we all have different visions.

Steemkids for example is here to touch the lives of kids through steemit.
We are not here to just have fun but to impact the lives of kids.

But if these guidelines were out earlier, I wouldn't have created steemkids. As it stands,I will suggest we are allowed to run these communities.

Connecting with other kids communities might be somehow difficult since we have all started running them already. Watch out and see how steemkids will make use of it's funds and build it's steem power.

If I were to suggest, then the guidelines could be for new communities to be formed since the guidelines were not available initially when we started. These are suggestions. @steemcurator01, you still have the final say on this issue.

Hello Sir @steemcurator01

Yes, I've seen that and studied it very carefully. is more focused on children and teenagers aged 8-19 years.

While we stand to develop this wider and our priority is youth aged 17 - 35 years.

Youth Club :
Empowerment for youth people around the world and organizers that focuses on education, social, humanitarian, and global goals [Steem For SDGs].

Our first release is based on the ideas and strategies we have outlined in this post:

Thank you very much for feedback.

Maybe there needs to be collaboration between existing communities, to be able to benefit all users.

I think that will be awesome if community admins could interact more with each other to rise all Communities and give more possibilities to members. For example, we on Steem SkillShare need more users form different countries to promote language studying on Steemit using Steem as payment.

I agree with your perception, I will visit your community.

Thank you so much!! We can use Discord if you don't mind.

Of course

Gracias por la mención, estoy tomando nota de todo el tema y cada comentario.

Justo esta semana estoy armando una publicación con anuncio de roles y nuevos moderadores pues ya el trabajo se me hace difícil 😅

Pero ya que la comunidad es para KIDS quería que ellos mismos la moderan y necesitaba educarlos primero.

Tengo la suerte de contar con entusiastas comentaristas que quieren avanzar y crecer. Pronto sabrán quiénes son. Incluso agregaré de otros países distintos a Venezuela.

Esta guía era supremamente importante, a veces sentía que iba a ciegas con mis intenciones, pero ahora veo que la dirección es la correcta.

Seguiremos creciendo!!!

Keep it goes my dear friend @mariana4ve, we will run a complete evaluation every 3 months or so. It is necessary to have them administrating the community by themselves and we will monitor them frequently. I love them all


Хи-хи-хи 😀
При такой новой политике Стимита скоро начнется слияние мелких сообществ в одно крупное...
Ух, какая конкуренция будет! Интересно, как в политике прям...👀

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