Thank you @bwrkina for delegating 350 SP!!

in #steemit3 years ago
The @nextvote community is growing. We had curated more than 40 posts in these first days with good rewards, and the people are very interested in the project. We had received many questions about how to use the Next Vote App, and we are very happy to help.

This post is very special, we want to thank our delegators @jga (215 SP), @bwrkina (350 SP), and @elguille (50 SP). You are the best!

Now our vote has a worth of $0.14, and also we are able to define a weight of each vote, meaning that we can curate more posts diary!

What are the benefits of being a delegator?

Every week we distribute the curation rewards in this way: 40% for curators, 30% for delegators, and 30% that takes @nextvote to continue growing. The distribution to delegators is proportional to the Steem Power delegated.

On the other hand, the author rewards are distributed in this way: The SBD collected goes to the collaborator that wrote the post, and the SP collected goes to power up.

How to delegate?

The delegation process is very easy. You can use the Steem Connect platform to proceed with this action. Suppose that you are @jga and you want to delegate 100 SP.


  1. Put your username and steem power as this link:

    Notice this part delegator=jga and this part vesting_shares=100.

  2. Open the link and click continue.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Now you are part of the delegators of Next Vote 😊

About Nextvote

Next Vote is a community that promotes good content from the posts promoted by bid bots. If you want to see more read the presentation of the community, or you can contact us on Discord.