How You Feel On Steemit

in steemit •  last year 

I created this for everyone to have a laugh haha enjoy

Let Me know your thoughts and follow and comment Thanks

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I wish I had more steem power so my posts could all at least earn 2 cents. lol


just keep at it will rise in time


No. I'm a trader not a hodler. Why not juice my returns? I'm a trader with a definite long strategy right now. Why not make a little extra money off the shorters and panic buyers? I might not be able to do any trading on Monday but we shall see. Fortunately I am holding a full position over this weekend. :) #bigmoney lol

u really feel u ve done nothing😁



Greetings my friend wanted. haha good I feel like something was missing the post, and that the information was not good enough.


its hard for sure


Exactly but one takes a risk, because when doing a post one does it from the heart so that people like it.


For sure it is

ha ha.) I feel this so many time.)

haha :)


I feel this so many time...i feel so sad....thanks for shareing...:)

Nice post 👍

I would like to vote more in the post.

HAHA, you made me cry. LOL

HOHO, i always think like this
This is for me :(


yeah its feeling for all haha

ha ha wonderful i feel like.

resteem & thanks for sharing

go ahead



I think first you need to make friends on the Steam, and then write posts. And this will not happen.

Fortunately, I have not had this for a long time already)


Your doing well

Haha so true mate.

You should put the tag Dmania in this posts. That's the meme page of steemit u will get more views and upvotes.


Thanks I will do that next time