From 25 to 50: My First 10 Days at Steemit

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I may be young, but I've seen things. Whale drama. Hard forks. Huge payouts. No payouts. Thankfully plenty of upvotes.

I'm not here to talk about what everyone else has seen, I'm here to talk about my journey from level 25 to level 50. Hopefully, a brand new steemian will see this post and follow these five pieces of advice that have helped me thus far.

  1. Interact with people
    I've averaged about 2.5 posts per day during my time here, trying to focus on building my niche and having some fun. In the same time, I've made about 160 comments. Most of my reputation bumps ( as well as steem / steem power author rewards) have come from adding helpful comments that were upvoted from high-level steemians. Read the posts and add something insightful... don't just upvote and move on.

  2. Be free with your upvotes, but not irresponsible
    Speaking of voting, be smart. My first day here I think I may have voted 100 times. The next day I found and learned about voting power. Now I average about 30 upvotes a day. It's as simple as this, if you truly like something, upvote it.

  3. Seriously, interact with people
    I can't say this enough. My interactions with great steemians like @htooms, @cm-steem and @papa-pepper (just to name a few) have added value to my time here and my account. Open up the post and leave a comment!

  4. Read.
    I'm always surprised when I see a post has more upvotes than views. Reading the posts before I upvote has allowed me to learn a lot of valuable information, including what steemians like to read. Upvoting immediately doesn't even help you earn rewards. Voting on a posts that are more than 15 minutes old has an added curation benefit, after 30 minutes it is even steeper.

  5. Have fun.
    I used to be a professional sportswriter. After taking a hiatus from writing for about 16 months due to burnout, my time here at steemit has really rejuvenated me. I look forward to writing now.

Any questions or pieces of advice for myself? I'm all ears.


Good steps, like yourself I've only been here 2 weeks and I've learned alot in that time, I used to upvote so much thinking it would help with curation rewards...I don't do that anymore in fact I still trying to get my voting power up to 100, I mean not to vote but then see a really good article and think they deserve my vote!
Interacting with the community it's the best thing to do here, I've gained many followers by interaction, I'm not a great writer I know that and my photography always earns more then my articles do, but I do try anyway what i'm trying to say is its not my articles that have got me followers it's my interaction with the community!
I hope your journey on here carries on like it's started as I do mine because I plan on being a strong member of the community, anyway I'm going to follow you because I liked what I read!

You're doing the right things. I've made a lot of friends here by commenting and generally engaging with the community. It's called a social network for a reason ;) The money will come eventually. Took me a while to get any

I think I've made a dollar... but have certainly enjoyed myself. Thanks for your input @steevc!

Good attitude. The most important thing is to have fun. The minute Steemit becomes another job, you have a problem. :)

I love your attitude, @nepd - as a three-month old Steemer who's done pretty well, let me say that you are absolutely on the right track.

It's really awesome to see people like yourself working hard to be a part of the Steemit platform, even during this period of low payouts. You'll love it in a few more weeks - you'd have made 10 to 20 times more for this post, for example.

Resteemed this post and followed you - Cheers!

Appreciate it!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Reputation System. Thanks and good luck again!

You're probably right. There is a code to get most out of it. Breaking it is rewarding.

What's amazing is how simple the code is. Quality content and as many posts as you can. Looking at the top accounts, they ALL have many thousands of posts (including replies).

When you reach 480SP (steem power) you will automatically get a voting percentage slider bar, which will allow you to efficiently use your VP (voting power) and conserve it and stay in the 80% - 95% range.


Frank III

It's amazing that you have to remind people to actually read the post before upvoting it. Some of the upvotes come from various bots, so I guess you can't expect them all to read it. I think early on I experimented with trying to upvote a post just because I thought it would be big (and happened to discover it early), but I found that didn't pay off for me, so my vote is manual and it means I read the post and thought it was worth an upvote. By the way, I believe you get 40 votes a day, the idea being that if you were to evenly divide up a 24 hour time period into 40 intervals and cast one vote per interval, your voting power would stay right at 100%. Of course, most of us probably vote in spurts, so you'll see dips in your voting power, but then you get your power back during those times when you are not voting (sleeping).

Welcome to Steemit! I, among others, am glad you didn't jump ship when all the drama and volatility unfolded. I have been here since August of last year, and have seen many good people leave. I have backed off and am not nearly as active as I used to be, but I won't leave altogether. There is some good stuff here worth sticking around for.

Sounds like you are doing it right. I am here to have fun, learn and leave authentic comments. You earned a new follower! :)

Several great tips @nepd! With this being a social network, I'd also agree that the first thing folks need to do is simply be social and actually interact with each other. Foundations, conversations and friendships all start from there. I'm personally on day 5 here on Steemit, so it's good to get a perspective from another relatively new user. Have a great day!