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I know this is wrong, and I want Steemit/Steem to be successful as a forum and a currency, and clearly I would be well off if the price of Steem should skyrocket, but...there is a part of me that is looking forward to a price drop.

Benefits of a drop in price:

  • Less people bugging me in Steemit/discord chat. Less link spam, less technical support, less people asking me for advice on how to be a super blogger
  • Less fake/insincere people around. When the price drops below 30 cents a Steem, then you will really see who cares about this platform and who is just here for the money.
  • Great opportunity to scoop up tons of Steem on the cheap and become an even bigger whale for the next price bubble.
  • Less spam, less catfish, less crap, less milestone posts.
  • More time to write my own posts, or even do non-steemit things.
  • Steemit definitely has a more intimate, small town feel when the price goes down, and you feel like you know everyone.
  • Did I mention less people bugging me in chats?


It is time to separate men from boys, to know who really understands the essence of the platform. This is true for Steem as well as for other cryptos

I discovered Steemit less than a month ago, but I already see an excellent potential of this platform for the medium / long term. If the price drops to 1 cent it is better, so we can accumulate a lot of SP, just like the great whales of today did.

I agree with you my friend, I think we are facing a great opportunity!

Upvote and resteem.

It is time to separate men from boys

You win comment of the day.

Yeah, I like when the things I love go on sale. haha Back up the truck, friends!

And that's not "just about the money", and ONLY about getting yours, so screw anybody else, why should we care about actual content, as long as we can pump-and-dump?
Exactly who besides investors should bother to join Steemit, then? Certainly not minnows like me without fat wallets...

That's correct.
The weak will be leaving.
I have been thru this down turn more than a few times.
In fact it is good for my account

Haha! But you won't get rid of me!

Somehow I understand you, on the other hand: the whole move in also brought some interesting bloggers. But if the comment spammers could get lost I agree that would be a benefit.

Time to buy steem :)

You are so right @neoxian , when the price drops that's when u see who really love the platform, and i'm loving it for better than facebook and i hope to see this project skyrocket in the future benefiting the next generation, great post thank you for the share

I say the exact same thing! More power for the next power price rise! We all know it will happen! BUT when! :)

I have wanted Steem to come down so I could buy a whole bunch of it and get some power!!

I am with you here, I remember when Steem was around .08 and it was much cooler minus the experiments.

I'm quite okay with this phases of the crypto market in general and STEEM/Steemit in particular.

Only been here for a month & unfortunately invested in STEEM before it fell, but I'm not worried about it because I'm thinking long term. Also, I legitimately enjoy and believe in this platform.

I have noticed there's a bit less clutter and noise around recently, haha. I've always wondered how those of you that've been around a while deal with people constantly asking you for help, you must have infinite patience!

I remember when Steem was a dime. Even then the site was paying better than anywhere else. In any comment thread, I knew at least half the people! I also remember the month of almost zero payouts after the previous HF.

Every perceived threat leads to potential opportunities. Times like this clearly make a line in the sand. You can move forward and plan to grow. Or you can retreat and pull away.

Both are risky! I am still thinking the long game with steem so a price drop is not scaring me.

As long as you are in Steemit, it will be all awesome.

yahh, that is a good point. I actually brought some steem last weekend @ 0.89 USD price, but still waiting to buy more in coming weekend, most of them are not like to go down with the prices, but i am most prefer with that 'cos i can collect , more steem. My aim is going beyond 50+ after this price correction.

Picking some up day by day... lovin it :)

Nice post. If price of Steem drops below 30cents, that will be a great buying opportunity. Cryptocurrencies are under a lot of pressure, but after every rain comes the sun:).

and less people asking for upvotes,
cheap ether
I too saw people not coming to chats anymore

small-town feel

Feeling like a small town may not be a good thing. Small towns can be pretty xenophobic and aggressive to new and strange opinions. When the next wave of Steemians hits, their version of Steemit may not align with the old version.

And if you start to miss people bugging you in chats, I'm sure that can be fixed. :D

All good points to make. There come a low (calm) before the storm (rise in steem).

There is always two sides of the coin. And other side is waiting for it's turn.
Every new drop in prices is also an opportunity as well as it can be a misfortune for someone else, lol.

I think this time is amazing for some people and it seems like you are going to extremely benefit from it and get some peace of mind @neoxian
Great time for people to scoop us some crypto at dirt cheap prices.
Well enjoy all the added benefits to the price drop :)

Steemit has definitely been quieter lately. It's really a small town eh.

You haven't seen anything yet, just wait until < 50 cents.

Great, i'm waiting for a bigger drop to buy some steem.

Great opportunity to scoop up tons of Steem on the cheap

This is what I am looking most forward to.

I do agree there has been an influx of insincere people as of late. Hopefully, as they learn more about the community then it will begin to even out.

In regard to people asking you for your advice? Does it bug you because of the time being taken or because you think people are just trying to get your advice to figure out how to make more money rather than bring value to the community?

I would think someone with success would be thrilled to give value back to the community that has helped propel them to success.

Basically they are asking me advice on how to make their posts earn 100$ a pop. They may not phrase it that way, but that is what they are asking. I never know what to tell them, like there is some magic cheat code you type in to make all your posts hit the trending page.

And yea it does bug me, it takes up my time which is valuable, I have tons of people asking me for stuff all the time and it gets tiresome.

how to make their posts earn 100$ a pop

I could see how this would be annoying. Instead of asking how to bring value they are just worried about the money. That's truly insincere.

I understand being bugged. And if you are trying to chat it's not like you can make a specific window for people to contact you. It would be frustrating to be continuous bugged while in conversation trying to accomplish a task.

Thanks for the response.

Bahahaha! Good one mate ;]

Fully agreed :-) Resteemed.

less spam, less catfish, less crap, less milestone posts.

lol THIS,

There are some users that apparently hit a milestone every week, go figure

This is my 420th* comment! Thank you for reading it. Its been an honor posting so many comments. I thank you and love** you.

* I have no idea how many comments I've made
** Love may be too strong a word.

lol, that's what I'm saying!

Agreed, I have been feeling the same

I'm searching the same i want to buy steem under $0.5

Hahaha... that's a great perspective :) Yes, I agree when steem goes real low, that's the time only those who cares about the platform will still be active and all will return when steem goes up high again.

You got points in there, more peace of mind for you. :)
What comes down, will come up. :D

So I had a thought...or more a vision of the future ;) If they made a steemit marketplace where everyone on here could have the option of selling their goods, whether it be art, books, crafts, music, or material things, or even food--man I think this place would be unstoppable.

Glad I haven't been bugging you in chat :)

LOW PRICE will weed out many no-or low value creators - at least for a time.
Personally, I am convinced that this platform will succeed. I see it as a mid-long term investment while having fun... and regenerating the braincells...

So, the sentiment is not wrong in my humble view.

-ch @globocop

The I guess it is great for me that I joined today with no previous taste of high valued steem ..
and high valued post returns for me thing can not go way bad from here :)

I wasn't around when this was a ghost town but I can see much less fake crappy posts if Steem drops that low again. For me, it will be a nice buying opportunity so I'm in a good position with Steam power.

Couldn't agree more @neoxian...
Whoever is dumping their STEEM or CRYPTO at this point definitely do not understand that disruptive power that this platform holds. They are in it for the short term and simply consider it as one of their other investments.

They do not realize the potential of empowering the masses. Blockchain has built a layer of trust on top of Internet, #SteemIT gives power to create content of value and truly democratize the process, Ethereum allows contracts to be held by two parties which are indisputable.

Whoever treats STEEM or ETHEREUM or BITCOIN as just some kind of wallstreet gimmic chart for daytrading is missing the essence of all of this.

I am with you @neoxian. Upvoted and followed you.

SteemIT has empowered me .

My STEEMIT Purpose - Read my story here

Staying on steemit and continuing to post despite the rewards drop is the steem equivalent of HODL'ing your coins: it's a pretty smart move :)

In today's socially conscious social media universe, I wouldn't say, "separate the men from the boys".

I'd same something more like, "separate the spammy opportunistic self-upvoters out to make a quick buck at the expense of the platform from the real content creators who want to have a place to interact where you can find topics to discuss other than celebrities and alt-coins."

But men from boys is a lot faster to type.

Well, I would personally kind of miss the optimism and all the stupidly positive posts, but I think the platform has a lot of future either way. I would personally prefer if it didn't drop too low and 30 cents would certainly make me unhappy, but meh, what can you do... besides use it as an opportunity to power up :)

I do agree on all your points, but there will come more plattforms like this and may will succeed in all, than there will be maybe never again a price bubble ;)
I see it little bit like myspace/facebook - who is now talking about myspace..?
So I scared, that there is maybe just one chance to sit on the top of beeing a new thing..
Just my 5 Cents :)

exactly what I said yesterday on a post with the same topic

Seems drop on the price triger some limit of posting / comenting , at last not so many spam follow for follow on posts :)

Thanks for this! I've no idea if I should be worried or thrilled with the price drop. I'm new to this, so just want to be part of something cool. Hopefully, it will all work out and the value producers will be rewarded!

Less people bugging me in Steemit/discord chat. Less link spam, less technical support, less people asking me for advice on how to be a super blogger


I would be fine with it if only I had more money to invest, which I don't ^^ Still in it for the long run though, whether price goes down or up I tend to stay..

Unfortunately I can only upvote this 100%. Thing is, when the price goes up the "popular" hypers will come back and dominate the front page once more

Agreed !! the bubble just burst and it will go down and down.

bang on neo hope ya good

I agree with you @neoxian, I keep on blogging no matter the price. And I'm always asking to people to read my blogs because I always want to share some thoughts to increase my knowledge.

I guess when in times of crisis, one would know who are the real ones and who are the pretenders.

indeed! I wanna buy lots of steem when price drops big. Looking forward to it aswell, in the end price will rise again. I'm sticking around!

I feel the same way I want steem to do well but was glad it started coming down. I finally bought some steem! This took a while to figure out as I am a total noob to digital currencies. After being successful in a purchase and transfer I wrote an article about how I did it. I was so stressed for a week and then once I figured out how it worked it took less than 5 minutes. Everyone is talking about buying steem and I have to agree. Now is the time to buy!

Hi @neoxian Thank for the post. I agree with you i am in the same position i want Steem to skyrocket and at the same time if it drop i will take an opportunity to get some power. But in both case i am here and i love it what ever the price will be I have some assets on Steem with other coins and i will keep them all may be add some if it drop very low. But sure enough i will make my daily duty as a Steemian and the ones who only look at the money will disappear for some time at least or never be back. Peace and Happiness

I haven't really ever paid attention to the price of steem, but I like this idea of buying low to become a bigger fish long term! Not even sure how to do this LOL

  • Step 1: buy low
  • Step 2: become whale

Step 1: buy low
Step 2: Never sell . Trade for something more valuable .

It could be your daily grocery or the next crypto.

Yeah 100% agree with you friend! Price need to be dropped, so we can collect more STEEMS for next bubble too. But personally I don't think it might drop more than 0.8 level.
Anyway, this platform is getting famous day by day!

Cheers for the success of STEEM~

Great opportunity to scoop up tons of Steem on the cheap and become an even bigger whale for the next price bubble.

Yes, or even make your way to dolphin levels. Steem at 30 cents would, I assume, be the beginning of the next bull run. Cycles are great, just load up when no-ones interested.

I think so too!! Hahaha

A Steem below $0.5 would be a great opportunity to power up, I've already started in a small scale!

I have so little to lose, it doesn't matter. I'm simply enjoying the platform, except for the plagiarists, spammers etc.! Perhaps they would move on. (I'll try not to bug you in chat. LOL!)

Kind of odd. Steemit advertises itself as a place to make money by posting etc. Steemit advertises itself as a community. In this post you smugly look down upon and criticize people who, lo and behold, want to make some money from it. That seems like a not very "community" attitude hoping people go away, hoping they stop asking questions, etc.

@kabrink I think you mis understand. When you are a "Whale" here, you tend to get TONS of spam from people begging for your vote. It's understandable that minnows want votes. I am one and know.

But if you worked your butt off to get to whale status ,do you want 1000 people a day sending you messages asking for things ? It can get old and take away from doing other things that will help steemit.

@neoxian is one the nicest whales on here, and has helped hundreds if not thousands of people..Go look at his blog and you will see what I mean :)

Obviously, I don't experience that. Although, yes, I have seen many people asking others to follow them or vote or whatever. I don't do that, and don't have many followers.

If you are vouching for neoxian I'll take your word for it. I also wonder about some of the whales. I know that some came here with a big audience already in tow from elsewhere. I give them credit for working and building an audience. I think there are other whales that were just here very early and got a lot of SP due to the crazy inflation I've read about. Not sure much effort that took, perhaps it did.

Absolutely correct...thanks

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Yeah I might agree some of those

You're bugging me on chat. hahah!

I'm bugging you? Isn't it the other way around?

You're really not into jokes. smh

Very helpful thank you for explaining!

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Haha.. Little bit selfish post.. :P

Oh, how I wish I would've stuck with it when I started in September and Steem was stupid cheap. Luckily i've been back for a few months and feel I am still early in the project. I just bought a bit more when the price dropped last week!