Neoxian's Savings and Loans: second client @gogogadget

in #steemit4 years ago

I'm lending 75 SBD to @gogogadget.

He has agreed to pay me back the sum of 85 SBD in three weeks.

His brother @justinashby vouches for him.


You are going to need a spreadsheet before too long lol.

I like the idea.

Cheer to @neoxian
This is Wonderbar

Better still , this post is supported
Another great concept by @neoxian

Standing by if you need me:

Thank you but your services will not be necessary. Lol

I think this business model could work because they know if they don't pay back they will be downvoted to death lol

But strangely, I might feel obligated to upvote them, so that they will earn the money to pay me back.

This is great, I know who to come for a loan now.

awesome! How do we sign up for Steemit loans?

Message me in steemit chat. Bring your first born... ;)

I don't have a first born (hope I still qualify), though I might be interested. What kind of loan options do you offer?

This was the original post on the subject. Though I will say that my last two loans were not payday related.

Thank you. I will check it out soon :)

Walk up to @neoxian in chat, hat in hand, and say "please help me" lol. At least that's how I did it.

Thank you neoxian! I actually plan to pay it back in two weeks. The third week is a buffer. If i can't pay it in two weeks, the third week is to power down and pay it back from there. I am just trying to not have to power down.

Understood, I went ahead and made it 3 weeks to stay on the safe side.

Another loan, another happy user and a happy @neoxian! Cheers for the success of your service!

For what you lend it, if do not mind let you tell me. Sorry if there is a wrong question from me. thank you...
Dear friend @neoxian

Sorry, I'm not at liberty to divulge confidential client information. @gogogadget is free to comment here with more detail if he likes.

I have to have a new phone. That's it. My current phone has trouble running Steemit, and I have to be on Steemit, so I need a new phone.

Thank you for your friend's reply @gogogadget
but you choose the right person to ask for help .. i am so amazed to @neoxian, he is very kind, caring and helpful in need..!!

Thanks for the reply, no friend problem. I really understand.

You are rocking and rolling with this! The clients keep on coming!

I still think this is a neat and practical way to do things, it was a good idea !!