New user with raw feedback and questions

in steemit •  2 years ago

Hello, I'm new here and have some questions. I hope these questions can help others who are just as confused as I am and if useful, perhaps can be added to the FAQ. These are fresh and raw first impression questions. First impressions are essential in any new enterprise as most people will not be as persistent as you are and any friction will turn new users off.

Glad to be aboard and looking forward to a productive dialog.

  • Is there a Steemit etiquette somewhere? I'm interested in something similar to the reddiquitte.
  • Who maintains the FAQ?
  • Having read through the FAQ, I'm getting the impression that votes and content posted is completely public. Is this the case?
    • If so, should this be emphasized in the FAQ? Privacy is very important and it seems there are a lot of cryptoanarchists here (naturally) :)
  • Is there something that explains how tags work? As this is a content generation site, there should be some support for content generators to remove all friction of posting so they can focus on generating content. I come from the crypto-world so have an interest in staying, but if you want to grow you will need to attract people from the content creation world who won't necessarily have the same motivation to stick around.
    • Are tags permanent? Can they be re-assigned by curators? Are there consensus based mechanisms for maintaining a tag? Moderators?
  • The editor button disappears once you start typing in the content field. Is that intentional or a bug?
  • [UX] You should allow the user to type more than 5 tags, but make it clear that only the first 5 will be used. Then have the ability to drag them around. This makes it easier to brainstorm tags and come up with better ones.
  • I like bullet points, is there a way to do sub-bullets? (Nevermind, found it in the markdown.)
  • Is content immutable? Can content that is posted be deleted or is it permanent?

Edit: I see the content is editable. How do you protect against content changing attacks? i.e. When someone posts one thing, collects lots of votes and then changes it to something else that subverts the original meaning of the votes? This is an existing problem on reddit, but with money and reputation involved could become a significantly worse problem on steemit. On reddit, this could be resolved by banning or moderator power. The FAQ doesn't seem to mention either of these options.

  • Does steemit ban or censor?
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Hey neocow, I just read your first post now, thanks for that. I want to focus especially on newcomers but also on people that are very active. My plan is to build up a community with active users to support each other and creating a curation trail. Looking forward to curating more effectively, would you be interested? Upvoted and following, greetings Lena!


Hi Lena! I'm always interested in a good learning opportunity. Still new to the platform, but I'm a reddit junkie and still learning how everything applies in the steemit world.

I won't typically be voting all day, but when I do pop in to vote, I typically vote for comments that I feel are meaningfully adding to the discussion.


thank you very much, hehe ok :) some people on steemit introduced me how to ground a curation trail, I am also very new in this topic, this is his post, it is perfect explained what a curation trail is , first step you have to logg in on Streemian and then we can follow each other, upvoting our post and support each other :) thank you very much for replaying !! Feel free to ask for more , looking forward to work together, maybe you will be a steemit junkie, too :))))

Good questions.
I'm interested to see the answers for a few of them too.

Feedback: The FAQ in the right hand bar should link to the FAQ that is in the empty Home screen section. Something like "For a more in-depth look into how Steemit works, please see this comprehensive FAQ"

As I suspected, I have discovered that content is immutable and posted to the blockchain. It's still unclear how edits are handled, but I will be reading more.