I'm watching your video as I type this, it's good and you have a good presence and persona. But I have to say you talk a little bit slowly, and have a lot of pauses in your conversation. I'm watching it at 1.5x speed and even so it moves a bit slowly. Not trying to bring you down, just maybe something to work on!

You're right! I'm seeing the same thing. I was trying to pick the right words and be politically correct (to not piss people off). In the process it is harder to go through. The next time I make a video, I will speak more fluidly.

No worries. Hard to denounce the whales on their own platform :P
Just finished watching your video, I wholeheartedly agree with what you're saying. Hopefully steem gets a new way to roll soon, I don't think I've seen a single "trending" article that I honestly gave half a shit about. At first I thought it was the natural way of a new platform - of course the best posts will be introductions and information about steem and crypto in general. But weeks later and nothing's changed - just people saying "steemits gonna be great", when what they really mean is "do you want me to suck softer or harder?"

I don't want a fucking cucumber, I wan't a grape.