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Tune in to our livestream, Ask Ned, this Thursday, December 6th at 11am CST. Post your questions here in the comments section and I will cover as much as I can. I will also address some questions not covered from last weeks livestream. See you Thursday. -Ned


@ned, I understand that this is a difficult time for Steemit Inc, however it is a also a difficult time for the bloggers, content creators and steem users that are not developers.

Many people feel that trust is broken and want to know what was done with all the funds. I would like to ask you are you willing to make public a list of accounts held by steemit inc, along with a list of accounts held by staff, current and past?

As an investor on steem, its difficult to carry out a proper due diligence exercise with out this information.

The blockchain is about transparency and we are trying to save it along with you. However continued secrecy, movement of funds between accounts and out of steem in a web like fashion to confuse people is leading to more distrust and FUD and possible publications of fake news.

Your previous actions on the block with regards to questions around this line have been met with flags and a tone of 'its none of our business', infact I do recall a comment from you saying more or less that only this year. Things have now changes and it is our business and I respectful request that you make a disclosure to the community that is honest, open and transparent.

You want to win the peoples trust, you got to be honest and believable. Sorry Ned.

Sorry, no -- the company isn't bankrupt. It laid off a large staff who were working on R&D of new assets to avoid bankruptcy over several months. Steem is not nor Steemit, Inc. Steemit, Inc is a private company conducting business without customers, debt or debtors. The Steem community will thrive whether we are here or not. Requests for books simply show that the dichotomies aren't clear enough. So let this be the clarity for anyone who thinks they own a piece of Steemit, Inc. They do not.

Requests for books simply show that the dichotomies aren't clear enough. So let this be the clarity for anyone who thinks they own a piece of Steemit, Inc. They do not.

They certainly do not show that. Someone engaging in or considering engaging in any sort of collaborative relationship entirely outside of ownership may very well be completely justified in looking for financial transparency. You are entitled to not provide it, but doing so does not encourage such collaboration, which indeed is the reason that private companies are often (though certainly not always) transparent with partners, affiliates, vendors, customers, and other sorts of non-owners about their finances. It is not out of obligation, but in pursuit of opportunity.

That's what the comments about alienation are about. It is certainly not about a CPA and auditor (nor other intelligent and well-informed members of the Steem community making similar inquiries) not understanding the distinction between a company shareholder and non-shareholder. That deflection is frankly insulting.

The Steem community will thrive whether we are here or not

I beg to differ. The 80% ninja-mining entity doing an exit scam either explicitly or implicitly would be a terrible blow, certainly not conducive to 'thriving' and quite possibly fatal. Likewise for simply mismanaging the resources.

People in the community, as collaborators with Steemit in pursuing the success of Steem, have a very legitimate interest in undrestanding whether this is a situation where Steemit is making the best of limited resources in a manner that is likely to be beneficial to both Steemit and Steem, is cutting its spending on Steem development and marketing to the bone in order to pocket more of the money for its own benefit instead, or is just squandering the money foolishly. The best (or perhaps only) way to understand that distinction is to open your books. If you don't, many people will assume the worst, and not unjustifiably so.

What we most certainly don't need is another lecture on the legal and structural distinction between Steem and Steemit. Believe me, we are all most acutely aware of it, and indeed that is a good part of the reason for these requests, rather than being any sort of reason not to make them.

Exactly. I agree.

I never mentioned bankrupt at all. But i can account for 30m us$ worth of transfers out to exchanges, so we know steemit inc is not bankrupt. We are asking you to be transparent. Simple. No need to cloak it with off topic replies. You either have something to hide or you don't.

I am on STEEMs side and have spent many hours talking down unhappy users. So let me be as clear as you were, I am an auditor, CPA accountant and have a keen interest in data. I have an investment and stake in the blockchain and don't want an investment in a company like yours. With or without due diligence. The request for a list of accounts is simple, not complex.

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The request for a list of accounts is simple, not complex.

The request isn't complicated and its rebuff isn't either. Steemit, Inc. is a private company that will choose to do most things privately, as it's entitled to do.

So you are not willing to publish a list for transparency then? I think this speaks a volume on how little respect you have for this community. Arrogance and alienating allies is not the way forward. Neither is hiding things.

There's nothing in this aimed to alienate -- it's aimed to make sure there is 100% respect for the distinction between Steem and Steemit.

I respectfully disagree, your tone and choice of wording is extremely alienating. So is lack of transparency.

I see a future poli-tician in the making with ned, he certainly avoids questions like one, and he is oh so skilled at deflection techniques, ned for president 2020 anyone?

You just REALLY fucked up @ned muh boi. REAL bad.

Your company is done now for sure after this ridiculous display, but with you at the helm, it always was.

Yes your private company has a right to be private. Unfortunately, choosing to exercise that right here basically just doomed you forever.

Mark my words now, even though you never have before except to censor myself and others like me, who hold you accountable for claiming and controlling the throne, then pissing it away.

Fail. Of a large order of magnitude. Short sighted, amatuer and obvious. No investor will ever take you seriously again.

His company may be screwed, but he ain't never going to let go of the large stake.

Either way, he poises himself for success when the community rallies to save their investments and build the space.

If I had 50M+ SP, I wouldn't even sell all of it. I would just sit there and let others build for me. At worst, I sell for pennies since they were ninja mined anyways.

Yep he is just piece of shit, end of story.

I just saw this about the British PM. I had a deja vu moment.


@ned Your choice of words & lack of disclosure alienate everyone who has put time into this site. If steemit is a private company, who are its customers? Who is paying you? What is steemit without its content creators/investors?

Try to see things from the perspective of the thousands of people who have chosen to put effort into a platform marketed as decentralized.

Management of steemit should aim to be decentralized. What’s the point of a crypto & blockchain blogsite if they are going to be run more poorly, with less transparency than the Fed or fakebook?

CEOs need to be able to see multiple perspectives. Basing decisions on personal gain will not get you very far in the crypto community. Nor will using disrespectful language & policies towards those who have worked on & marketed this platform with their own work & currency.

There is huge opportunity for steemit if you get yourself off your Kings throne & think long term. Decentralize power, see the value in users & build for the long term.

Otherwise more will power down every time you speak about rights & privacy & you will soon be left with total power & control over a lonely site no one else wants anything to do with.

Content creators and investors are what give value to Steemit inc's holdings(STEEM) by continuously selling you are damaging their investment and a means of income even more so in this turbulent market with so few buyers in crypto price is being pulled lower than if Steemit inc wasnt selling.

how can you state you have no obligation to the thousands of users who have made you and your associates rich?

The Steem community will thrive whether we are here or not.

Hi Ned. Now that you mentioned this, can you further elaborate on a possible exit strategy? Is "we" = Steemit, Inc - or would that also include your new business, the one that is (was?) supposed to develop the application Destiny ? In case Steemit, Inc withdrew from operating on the Steem blockchain, would you consider using the company's stake for a new investment - e.g. executed by that other company you're running? Or would an exit rather include a sell off, and the new business would need to rebuy the tokens then?

I pretty much agree that Steem could live without Steemit, Inc - we'd only need to know if/when this scenario is supposed to set in to get prepared for it. is still the most used application on the Steem blockchain with a widespread reputation on the internet. In case it was shut down, we'd need to try moving the userbase gradually towards other dApps with the largest lead time possible.

We've already lost so many users, we shouldn't dare to loose even more just for not having been planning things accordingly.

Steem on 🤙

Then decentralize and start planning. The internet was built on the back of thousands and thousands of volunteers contributing their time. Later, companies dealt with challenges like email spam because the protocols were open and buisenesses could build on it.

Why still wait for one central entity. In between the lines... Ned has always hinted that it’s up to the platform (community/ecosystem) but with the explicit desire that they develop the blockchain.

But that ain’t necessarily what decentralization is and if we want to avoid this situation to happen over and over (it’s actually a blessing in disguise right now, especially because it seems that Steemit Inc is now set up to deliver and deliver hard), then the community also needs a solid (dev) backbone.

We lost many users because bear market. We had many new ones last December and January. And as the markets declined they left again. There is probably more correlation to be found in crypto marketcap and “users” than because of errors/delays.

I agree with you that we need more decentralization, but that'd also require more investment, and I'm not sure if we're in a position to ask for that.

Why not keeping our feet on the ground and trying to maintain a stable network instead of again aiming for the stars, trying to grow something that doesn't even have a solid basis?

I've never really understood the common belief that success requires constant growth. In nature a species that constantly grew would even be considered diseased.

I also disagree on the assumption that everything in the crypto space needs to be tied to the BTC price. The example of SteemMonsters shows that there is no need to speculate on retention. Even though the markets are down, monsters keep growing their fanbase and stake. This is why they have a solid product that works autonomously and that is creating a constant demand, independently from the dollar price of their currency.

That's one of the reasons why I'm all in for more gamification (little shoutout to @gtg and @arcange). What does that mean? Give people reasons to keep their Steem being a currency that's even more valuable within the network of Steem than outside its borders. Give them even reasons to buy more in order to increase their position within their community: let them level up, buy secret weapons, acquire additional lives, you name it. Make social interaction become fun, engaging and lucrative.

I by myself am no developer which is why you won't see me coding an app that maps those scenarios. But I'm a creative person with ideas and time - just as hundreds of others here who'll be happy to make use of the next generation of Steem applications.


Well, Trump did not share his taxes either... how did that lack of transparency come across to you?? He does not own the US like you do not own steem but he kind of runs the country. A little transparency goes a long way

I think his lack of transparency says it all. He is not willing to show where the money went for a reason... now what reason could that be?!

Can we please have tokens ASAP? It's the best way to expand Steem and probably the best way to restore a lot of peoples' confidence in the project.

Yeah it would be great if they would complete something that the community actually wants. SMT's please. Empower the community to be able to grow.

Maybe large stakeholder can create a fund and have them developed? Are we going to continue to act like SteemIt Inc is the only potential development company>

Very few accountholders are willing to lead. Not many truly have big enough stakes to engage in meaningful development of the kind we have seen with other cryptocurrency coins that have big stakeholder whales. Ideally, witnesses should be funding this as well, but it's hard to expect that with today's low prices.

Inc owns most of the Steem and positioned itself as the dominant institution. One would think they could develop simple tokens, since they've been working on SMTs for months already. If they do, then many Steem projects would have a way to generate the economic scale they need to expand. Otherwise, there simply isn't enough Steem available for most projects to make things happen.

  • They've done a lot of the work designing their SMT system already and probably aren't willing to pass it off, so anyone else would have to start from scratch.
  • They're the only people with a reasonable idea of how the existing Steem code works as a whole.

If the community wants to tackle #2, since it seems Steemit Inc. isn't very interested in getting the documentation in shape, then maybe when that's done we can think about adding things. But starting from scratch to solve that problem is still going to be months of work if we can find anyone interested in doing it.

your absolutely right....I have a very simple financial solution.....
2 parts:

(1) - just add 1 line sponsorship to each page view (with a link) no ads though, they can advertise on their own site. would solve the monitary shortfall in no time.

They will need location & category control info but that can be very easy. So local small mom & pops can sponsor. Like your local tavern for the Rugby Blog. Or your local hair salon for a Glamor blog. Or local junk yard for a scrappers blog

Part (2) SteemIt needs to be a separate entity then Steem.

A Kickstarter/GofundMe account needs to be started to raise funds for starting a new open source company to:

  1. mange the code base
  2. pay for cloud servers to start
  3. pay a small stipend + tokens for a couple of leaders (not Bosses)
    to create an advisory committees to determine development and migration needed in the short, medium and long term, And set a public schedule with goals, and possible solutions.
  4. pay a small stipend + tokens for a few witnesses to upgrade and run Masternodes
  5. pay a small stipend + tokens laisons to a crowdsourced group of programmers to achieve the ends
  6. pay a small stipend + tokens laisons to incentivize the community to adopt the new company as their own baby, not just a site that gives lip service to it. There are many creative people to help out with technical writing, artists to work on revamping and expanding the interfaces, technical people to lend their services, people to host events in concert with entities, and everyone to work their social media magic.

That's how you turn this stuff around!

yeah good points. Shrugs, who knows. At this point, I am not counting on SMTs at all.

If they announce that they won't be doing it, some entrepreneur will probably pick it up (eventually). We already had a sort-of a proof of concept with @biophil's "pocket" tokens, back before anyone was talking about SMTs..

But I think no one is going to take the risk of competing with them for as long as they have one hand in and one hand out.

They did announce they aren't currently working on it.

they said they were tabling it, the problem is, say you start working on a token model and @ned does not like it...and the price of Steem comes back some (which it will)

Then the guys at Steem can hire back the 2 or 3 programmers that were working on it, and viola your aol netscape browser, Internet explorer comes out and knocks you off your perch, you use mozilla, but so does more funded companies like Google for Chrome and Safari on a Mac and not to mention Firefox's open source community...

You essentially become a dead man walking the same way Microsoft tricked Lotus and Wordperfect....How many people use those today????

Agree 100%.

Second this!


TOKENS! Make them happen. Please.

Totally agreed! At this stage I really hope we can get tokens soon.

I know times are tough but this can make a difference.

Once again, I support this request. There's a lot of negative momentum around Steem right now and this is one way to potentially turn that around.

We need tokens Ned, do what you need to do to make that happen.

Is it possible to release a scaled down version of SMTs?

To be honest, I don't understand all of the intricacies of what was planned for SMTs. But for many months, I have been involved in many conversations that ended with "we will be able to do that once we have SMTs". Most of the people engaged in these conversations had no idea about the intricacies either. All we knew is that there would be a token or tokens that could be used to build.

We don't need the most high tech, intricate and advanced bricks. We just need bricks.

I come from a generation where Lego bricks were simple squares and rectangles... and I still built some awesome stuff!

Arm this community with some simple tools (a token) and we will build awesome stuff too.

Is there a way we can have SMTs sooner or prior to the launch date (not getting it delayed) because right now, that seems to be the smart play.

So many amazing projects out there with the potential to change things and it's mostly a "we're waiting on SMTs launch" or similar things. I understand heavy dev works are already in progress, however, is there a way we can get something for willing and ready communities to work with?

Thanks in advance.

SMTs being introduced into the ecosystem was supposed to be the gamechanger, and most of us (community builders) have used that as a soft landing to pitch Steemit/Steem to the world.
I believe that a foundation as to how this will work will be the best thing we can get from the team so the communities involved can pick it up from where they can just as it is obtained in other Blockchains.

A framework and working code of the SMT released to the public will go a long way to improve things.

I am sure before the layoffs, there already are lines of codes in place for the SMTs even if it has been halted. Get the developers to complete and release same and interested individuals and communities will build on it.

Steem is a Blockchain and is separate from and will continue to exist after so please make it work that way. Lead the way with the creation of a token system.

What is your strategy to bring money into the Steem Ecosystem? Steem and Steemit need to increase the cash inflow. You can't rely only on speculation on STEEM and SMTs.

You can reduce the costs, but you need to bring "real" money. Otherwise, if the cryptomarket doesn't recover fast enough, Steemit Inc is in danger.

Hi Ned and Steemit team,

I really appreciate the last update about cost savings. Willing to see all of them implementated as soon as possible.
First of all apologies if I make any mistake in english as it is not my main language.

My questions are really concrete and I would like to hear also a concrete answer if possible.

  1. Did you consider implementing any new income stream for or Steemit INC?

-If yes: Is advertising on one of them? Which are the ones you are considering?
-If not: Why not? What are the plans to make Steemit INC sustainable in the future appart from cutting costs?

(This has been on discussion among the community last days and I think a lot of Steemians would love to hear your thoughts and plans if any)
If you didn't have any we would love to hear it also.

Best regards.

Agreed to repeat:

(1) - just add 1 line sponsorship to each page view (with a link) no ads though, they can advertise on their own site. would solve the monitary shortfall in no time.

They will need location & category control info but that can be very easy. So local small mom & pops can sponsor. Like your local tavern for the Rugby Blog. Or your local hair salon for a Glamor blog. Or local junk yard for a scrappers blog

@ned i was having estimate account value 35000$ and now its only 4000$ i am really worried what is happening here please if you can do something make price stable.

Can you divide up the exchange Liaison task to witnesses? Also can you allow witnesses to contact exchanges and coordinate listing of STEEM or SBD on the exchange since most exchanges require CEO communication.

Ned, kindly make the stream professional, answer more questions that are raised from the community. Last three streams were extremely un-professional, something you wouldn't expect from the CEO of the company. This will definitely not bring the millions you were talking about but only drive away the few that are watching including myself. Any average YouTuber can do better then that. If this will be on the same wave than it's better you don't hold those and stick to a proper written communication with clear direction addressing important issues and talking back to the community. I believe now it's more important then ever if you are serious about running this company and making it a success since the hardcore Steemians are starting to change their tone and turning their back. I do apologize not to keep this on a positive note but I believe that constructive feedback can bring the best out of people. Wishing you the best of luck.

Hi @ned, thanks for your transparency and I am sure it is a difficult time to go through. I have a few questions,

  1. What is Steemit Inc's role in the future of the Steem platform/blockchain? I understand that Steemit Inc is the main developer for the Steem platform/blockchain. But is there something the community can do to help in terms of development of the underlying core platform?
  2. What is Steemit Inc's main revenue source now and how is the company going to grow it?
  3. With so many other Steem web interfaces already built, does it still make sense to keep How much cost reduction can we get if we just shut it down?
  4. If the key concerns here are revenue and cost, how is SMT going to help? I view completing SMT development more as a fulfilment of promise. You will gain trust but I don't see it having much of an impact on the bottomline of Steemit Inc.


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Why was the UI pumped up and promoted so much by leadership at Steemit, Inc, only to be virtually left on the scrap heap while other avenues are pursued? Some of us poured a lot of time, resources, and energy into this UI based on the idea that this was a project that was high-priority, and that we would be out of beta at some point, trying to mainstream.

Seems like a bunch of folks on top made some cash, and have now moved on, leaving the rest of us in the lurch.

It's great to see that you are putting realistic and achievable plans in place and not only that but to be fair you're trying to show more of what is happening which we all appreciate. So thanks for that.

Obviously you have let go a lot of staff which will require a re organization of people and planning which makes perfect sense in the current environment but i hope that you will consider the fact that you a have a community of thousands willing and able to pick up some of the slack from this and steem inc doesn't have to go it alone. It's to all of our benefit that the blockchain is successful and there is an enormity of talent and brain power at your disposal to further this goal.

You have said that unfortunately you took on too broad a scope and that stretched steem inc further than it could go in the current market. In my opinion the solution to a lot of this are the apps currently developing and the apps yet to come. It's my belief that the priority for steem inc should be providing the best possible platform for these apps to develop and start earning external money. Once this is happening they will be able to cover a lot of the costs of running the blockchain through either charges or beneficiary posting on the chain. There are millions to be made from running successful apps so a blockchain running thousands of these should more than be able to cover the costs of running the platform that they are operating on.

My question to you is what is your priority going forward and how can we best facilitate the creation of all of these apps in the fastest and easiest way possible.
If you can create a roadmap to this, the apps will be able to create revenue and onboard users without any help from steem inc and allow you to focus on the development of the blockchain which was the original purpose.
If you can set out a road map for this and pinpoint exactly what is need to do it then i have no doubt that there are users here willing to take on some of those tasks and facilitate and speed up the process.

We are all in this together so i hope that you have seen form a lot of the posts during the week that we want to help and to be part of the process. You might not have the staff but you do have the people so reach out and use that to all of our advantage. You have been more open with the community and we can see how much will there is among it's users to improve the system and to bring it forward. I hope you won't let that go to waste.

Thanks for reading and i hope that some people would agree with my sentiments towards working together to create a better platform for all of us.

@ned can we have some transparency about what is going on with respect to the image hosting? Are we really shifting to 640px? The whole photography community will leave if this is the case.

Oh, shit. I quickly checked and eSteem surfer, and as far as my eyes can see, my images still look alright there.

Seems for now Steemitimages still has the high res originals but is not referencing them and using { ?format=match&mode=fit&width=640 } to reduce display caching requirements. So the other front ends can still draw at higher resolutions. But we don't really know what the long term plan is hence my question to Dan as it is of particular relevance to the photography community.

How about host your own hig res images and save some money Steemit pays for could storage.

I do host all my own images at ; you can check the HTML of my posts which embed direct links to high res versions . The problem is that steemitimages caches them (as they don’t trust links will last long enough or be fast enough I guess) and then when you use their interface they display the low res version. Plus no one is asking for high res but 640px is like clip art from 1995 .

Dear @ned,

Until recently, I did not realize that Steemit Inc. has been hosting image files, other than avatar images and other smaller image files. I had been using links from my account at an external image hosting website, in order to post my larger image files at

In order to reduce costs, can Steemit Inc. simply stop hosting all image files, and henceforth require all of its users to use an external image hosting website company, instead—similar to how you yourself are kind of outsourcing your upcoming Q&A video whereby it is being hosted by instead of

This idea regarding the hosting of image files is a win-win for everybody, because those image file hosting companies themselves use advertising to earn revenue (and thus encouraging its users to have those external image hosting companies to host image files that can appear at by means of their image-links being posted at does bring more advertising revenue to those external image hosting companies).

Steemit Inc. wins from this idea, too, in its no longer having to cover the cost of hosting image files—therefore empowering Steemit Inc. to not need to rely on earning revenue from selling advertising space on in order to have the blogs of users to feature image files.

Also, if it is too expensive for Steemit Inc. to host image files (without Steemit Inc. having a source of revenue, from its not featuring advertising on the blogs of users), then does that mean Steemit Inc. is vulnerable to having a malicious actor bankrupt Steemit Inc. simply by means of their uploading thousands upon thousands of larger image files to Steemit Inc.'s nodes so that those images pointlessly appear on

If so, then isn't that all the more reason for Steemit Inc. to no longer host image files, and instead to make a user-friendly tutorial that teaches users how to use external image hosting website companies in order to post image files on their blog at instead?

Personally, I hope that does not feature advertising, because ads on blogs distract from those blogs themselves. However, what problem is there with Steemit Inc. asking its users to post image-links from external image hosting website companies that themselves feature advertising on their websites to pay for the cost of their hosting image files?

Can Steemit Inc. form a strategic partnership with a few external image hosting companies that themselves sell advertising space to earn revenue, so that Steemit Inc. itself does not need to earn revenue from selling advertising space on, and so that can continue to feature image files but without the cost of hosting them on Steemit Inc.'s nodes?

Or can Steemit Inc. develop its own separate image hosting website subsidiary company that sells advertising space that can only be viewed behind the scenes by its users when they have logged in there to have uploaded their image files there? That way, blogs themselves at can also continue to be advertising-free.

From Lannie.

Good points.

The Mysterious Motives Of @MisterDelegation? 18MIL. SP

Come on @ned. You really gonna disable the video like that??

Here's my offering to those who might may have no clue on what's been going on and simply trusted in Steemit, Inc to come good on their word. Stay woke.

You talked a lot about Steemit Inc's role as a developer and operator last week, and that was really informative. I'd like to hear more about how you see the future of Steemit Inc's role as Steem's largest stakeholder.

@ned ... why not add Adsense Ads to Steemit.... generate a few Million $$$$



The white space on both sides here is just a big waste of space

It was touched upon a little bit in a post from @andrarchy. Have you determined who your target customer base is? Do you see steemit as a repository type site for app developers? a repository/host site for professional bloggers? A cryptocurrency site for people to learn about what they are and how to use them? Or as a social media site, a place for people to visit interact with become part of a community in a more friendly manner than facebook or youtube?

Steemit is a lot of things to a lot of people, all the various groups above all have their own little sub groups, so to sort of boil it down, 'has any thought been put into figuring out who your customer base is'?

What are Steemit Inc's plans to get out of this crisis, besides the cost reduction strategy?

What actions are you going to take to regains people's trust?

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Hi, I’m the co-founder of @steemhunt. Thanks so much for your dedication in running this livestream continuously. Here are my suggestions that I hope Steemit inc can consider in their plan.

  1. Steemit inc should announce the SMT dev roadmap that clearly addresses step-by-step feature releases so that the SMT candidates and investors can work on their own plans.
  2. Sunset of should be explained clearly Instead of focusing on the cost reduction aspect, I think it’s important to look at the strategic benefits of the plan. Remember there are still so many users who consider Steem BC =
  3. Usage of full node should be put in the market system. Turnkey blockchain has been one of the most important benefits using Steem bc for dapp devs, so it’s not a good idea for all dapps to suddenly run full node by themselves. This can be applied to the witness system, or name the price to use the node (but this would need to be done carefully because there are currently no other blockchains that asks dev to pay for the API usage).
  4. Communication pressures should be shared by other Steemit inc departments. Steemit inc should create a proper communication channel for each topic (dev, investor, PR/Marketing, exchange relations, etc.). Of course I don’t mean that you need to hire more people for this. The current 30% employees and some of the top witnesses can take these roles together. @ned and @birdinc should not be the only people that community members can approach with questions.
  5. Proof-of-Brain needs to be branded. It’s time to stop connecting PoB with “money talk.” Steemhunt uses Steem BC because it is the ONLY blockchain that provides the turnkey PoB chain that can be utilised in so many creative ways to create a variety of platform businesses. However, many people in the crypto market still remember the money talk tagline due to the Unfortunately, I was not able to see any branding strategy about PoB in the renewed website.
  6. I disagree with the Steemit-off week idea because the core problem at this moment is not raising public attention. Investors and market players expect more a strategic roadmap that makes them use their money and resources. I’m sure that the “all-of-sudden-steemit-down week” will cause a negative impacts and more FUD.
  7. Steemit inc should address the principles about the usage of its dominant STEEM funds. The dominant portion of the STEEM funds that Steemit inc owns have become a barrier for investors. Of course, a public audit may be too intense (and it’s not even a responsibility for a private company), but sharing a clearer principle that can explain how Steemeit inc uses the funds and makes profits will help give credibility to the investors.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about these suggestions and your plans for Stemmit’s future.

I disagree with the Steemit-off week idea because the core problem at this moment is not raising public attention. Investors and market players expect more a strategic roadmap that makes them use their money and resources. I’m sure that the “all-of-sudden-steemit-down week” will cause a negative impacts and more FUD.

Because that idea came from me, I will just clarify, that this idea was born before Steemit made "70% announcement". After this update crypto community could read Steemit-off week as a silly explanation for "we cannot afford that", so marketing message of any action like this should be very clear.

Yes but still, @project7 is right here.

Regarding 2, I agree there is a lot of value on focusing on the strategic advantages (more robust ecosystem with a diversity of apps, lack of downtime due to decentralized use of an unstoppable blockchain, etc.)

Regarding 6, I think this would only make sense if marketed on the basis of strategic benefits, just like 2.

I wonder how would've been our situation today if STINC hadn't changed the 104 weeks power down.

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Have you gals and guys thought about adding some business expertise to Steem Inc's staff? It is pretty obvious to all that you are currently lacking this skill set.

I was wondering this too. I posted a question for Ned. You can't run a business on defense only(cost cutting), with out increasing sales and revenue. It seems like they may have a lot of technically savvy programmers trying to run a company - but actually need business people running the company operations, while they stick to tech duties. It is going to be rough around here if they only focus on defense.

It is going to be rough around here if they only focus on defense.> Quote


Advertising on to generate revenue. What's your view on this?

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Steemit is the Goose that laid the golden Egg. Do not kill the Goose....

If you understand how to Monetize a simple Blog you would know that is the quintessential Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

@ned..... just add one line of Adsense script so "Smart" Content related Ads appear on every Blogpost... Use the old fashioned Fiat Cash to run the Servers and the Nodes.

Do NOT kill the Goose.

You can Thank me with an Upvote.

The End.


Sorry, I wrongly sent my SBD as much as 133,990. I should transfer to my account address @anroja from brittex, but I transfer it to you (@steemit). I beg you to transfer it back to your account @anroja. I sent it on 12 November 2018.
I have sent an email to [email protected] about my complaint, please check the email.


This is the transfer history in the @steemit account

Thank you for your attention.


Send 50% to @null from every comment payout. Do you think this is good idea to stop comments self voting abuse?

"Lets make Steem great again!" (Ask Trump for more edu! lol).

Well, as for me I will not ask much because has been treated. But why is it that so many project are not getting a support from you? Besides this is another project, this is a positive project and f supported think will be a great advantage to the steem blockchain.

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Where is STEEM INC?
Why can not I find my company's information?
How many employees are there? How much annual sales do you have?

Does STEEM INC only analyze / develop the technology for the block chain?
I am worried about your company as an investor of Steem. If your company is not a problem, I think my steem will be maintained.

I'm guessing around 7 people before the layoff and 2 people after the layoff. That should leave Ned and someone to run the camera.

There actually seem to be at least two additional persons handling the streaming setup (meaning additional to Ned).
I think the number of employees before the layoff was at least 20, probably more. I think up to 35 people have been fired laid off. At least five are left, I think.

Is only about two employees of STEEM INC?
It seems to have operated with very few numbers before restructuring.
Very surprising.

That was meant to be a joke. I don't have a clue how many employees they have. Although, employees are very expensive. The cost of an employee could be around $80,000 annually with unemployment compensation, insurance, health benefits, social security, etc... We know that the cost of Steemit Inc is around 2 million total. Given that number, one could easily find the max number of employees is 25. We know that it could not be that high since Steemit Inc needs money to pay for their office and for their nodes.

@ned, as the community pleads - please create simple tokens for people to start making businesses and implement tokenization of their apps/communities/etc.

@ned - just let us make the best out of the current situation without blaming others - think some options are great here already.

For now we need tokens the sooner the better. People were told about gamer-changer SMTs, you did develop a lot into that already, we did a lot promotion around it into the blockchain world - so please put Version 0.1 live so the outside world of the steem blockchain see what we can offer.

That builds trust again within and outside the community. My 2 cents here. And I agree with @hanshotfirst - give us the bricks in basic version that work.

Excellent @ned and what honor you want to know the concerns and questions of the community.
They really distinguish you for the closeness you favor with us and your evident interest in supporting us.
My question is: How have you managed to merge such a fantastic idea as the Platform is with your day to day? Or maybe everything happened backwards?

Excelente @ned y que honor el que desees conocer las inquietudes y preguntas de la comunidad.
Realmente te distinguen por la cercanía que propicias con nosotros y tu evidente interés por apoyarnos.
Mi pregunta es ¿Cómo haz logrado fusionar una idea tan fantástica como lo es la Plataforma con tu día a día? o ¿tal vez todo sucedió al revés?

Hi Ned.
Since there are a couple of people asking for a quick release of SMTs, I've got a couple of questions in that context:

Were'nt SMTs supposed to be a business plan for Steemit, Inc? In case Steemit, Inc withdrew from operating on the chain, would SMTs be able to work "autonomously"? Is creating a new SMT like hardforking a chain? Is one SMT completely seperated from all others? How much blockchain development knowledge is required to create an SMT? If Steemit, Inc offered us with the code, would we be able to do everything on our own then?

I just wonder how independent we could effectively be with/without your company, even after launching SMTs.
How many people who're not working at Steemit, Inc have already a deep knowledge of SMTs/SMT development?

The only way out is focusing on making SMTs a reality.

From all indications, that is most viable route of expansion and relevance for Steem as a whole.

I propose that Steemit Inc focuses on releasing SMTs, that is the perfect game changer in my opinion, nothing else.

Hi @ned,
I not here to criticize you.
But I do have a question: at the moment the dapps and the blogging platform are the cornerstone of the steem blockchain.
In my eyes with putting to much focuss on the SMTs and maybe to less on the communities. But that’s my opinion!
What’s your viewpoint on this?
Why not delegate some sp from the steem accounts to some real community accounts!

Hi @ned,

Regarding AWS usage, check this out. Steemit image uploading should consume RC

In any case, Steemit should introduce ads. Without ads, it's not sustainable.

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Major projects completed:-

  • Implementation of ERP system (Acumatica)
  • Implementation of fully integrated payroll/HR system (Paylocity)
  • Implementation of monthly financial reporting
  • Creation of Board reporting procedures and performance dashboards
  • Recruitment of HR department and implementation of full range of benefits and payroll/HR procedures
  • Creation of employee handbook and operating processes/procedures
  • Recruitment of marketing team
  • Recruitment of finance team
  • Supported CEO as right hand man providing strategic, tactical and execution advice and assistance
  • Developed 5 year operational plan for new products
  • Banking liaison, legal and operational execution

Which one was the reason for your cfo to go?
Will the next one anticipate cycles in the market?

Did you talk to Justin Sun, if yes, how was the conversation?


Some of you seem to be looking square at @ned to fix all the perceived problems with steemit/steem.

What he's trying to point out to the people who are vested here and have put enormous amounts of time and energy into this place, is that, the success of steemit versus the success of steem are 2 entirely different things.

Steemit is like a set of wheels on a car. Steem is the engine. If the wheels go flat, the engine still runs and you just replace the tires.

Steempeak, busy, partiko, esteem... all spare wheels. And each independent from one another, but working together to drive the engine.

Follow me?

Ned is not sure how to verbalize the path he sees before him right now, but I hope that my analogy helps clear up some confusion?

We all know there need to be changes made to work this blockchain to the advantage of everyone. And everyone has different ideas about how to do that.

Instead of shouting at each other, maybe we can figure how to use these tools we've been given to create something useful?

I understand the frustration, I truly do. But sometimes you don't really need to see the big picture to enjoy the ride. Amirite?


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How are you feeling? Are you getting enough sun?

I just hope he has time to play his guitar

It is amazing how easily he handles raising three children and running the company.

@ned - Could you please make some comment about if there is plan to decentralize the development of main platform itself incentivised by reward mechanism similar to running the blockchain by witnesses through automated witness rewards.

Hi @ned,
I'm just a minnow here, more as a user and content focused seeker.
I'm slowly and steadily investing (depending on my resources income) in the platform not only cash but time and passion. Time I'm always quite short of due to real life duties, passion is endless.
I guess I'm not the only one that fits this profile so maybe my questions would be common. They are not technical but more practical for us the normal users.
Here they go:

  1. What's going to happen to our SP? We've being working so hard to gather It....
  2. What's going to happen with Is It going to be active? Are you migrating to
  3. Our content, our friends (followers,following), will they be accessible?, How?

Hope this helps clarify some common questions that could be practical for the average user and take our choices with solid foundations.
Thanks in advance.
Would like to thank you for your efforts on giving us all possible info and make it understood.
Best regards

(Clears Throat)
(Clears Throat)

I have a question @ned

Not that I am 100% against bots on STEEMit, but how can we tell if Bots or actual humans/STEEMIANS are mostly adding to this upkeep?


Maybe a months experiment without bots...

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@ned, @andrarchy and company - I am still offering to help steem go from panic selling to panic buying. I will put up 100k USD to start a project aimed at the price of steem and I want steem inc to make a matching grant of 100k worth of tokens (call it 400,000 tokens at the current price).

I would be willing to agree to not sell these tokens. I will also give you 3 months of business consulting as part of the deal.

I made you this offer when the price of steem was just under $1 USD and it would have only cost you 100,000 tokens.

If you don't take me up on this offer, I will offer it again when steem is .10 and it will cost you 1,000,000 tokens to match my $100,000 USD.

Please do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and take me up on my VERY GENEROUS offer.

If any group of whales want to pony up that will work also.

Best Regards,

silence is deafening, there should be a post here daily

Can you address the issue of whales terrorizing smaller accounts ? Can you limit the amount of damage they can inflict on people ? This is destroying user base ...

They want to use surgeries and the most expensive band aids instead of applying a simple compress to stop the bleeding. It's not just whales who engage in this type of abuse of the flagging system. Stopping this abuse and allowing publication under the fair use doctrine of main stream media material will spur new growth of the platform.

Can you address the issue of whales terrorizing smaller accounts
could you give some example?

you've been here 2 and a half years and you are asking me for an example !?
how about I ask you how many people have left this platform because of flagging abuse by whales ?

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