Best 3 Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Blog Followers On Steemit

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The number one goal of many of people on Steemit is growing their following, getting more upvotes, and getting people to read their posts. So what are the best and the fastest ways for us to grow a following here on Steemit? We have got software reviews, plugin reviews, online hints and tips, social media how-to and lots of information about how you can be successful on the Steemit blogging platform. So we can spread our message, grow our following, and start making money online. Today, I am going to talk about how we can rapidly grow our following on Steemit. I am going to say the best three ways for us to grow our following to become a minnow, and then a dolphin, and then a whale. We already a minnow, we may be a dolphin, but we eventually want to become a whale. We want to get our reputation higher, we want to grow, we want to get more followers, upvotes, shares, resteems, etc. So how can we do that? The best three ways to rapidly grow your following on Steemit.


Number One: Post regularly. Posting regularly is a great way for us to build followers. Why? Because if we post regularly, that means more people can see our posts. We no doubt will notice on Steemit there are tons of people spamming the heck out of the place. We may post something and in 30 seconds, we will notice our post is like 4th down in the feed. An hour later, we can’t even find our post because its so far down. This is because there are so many people that post worthless content that it buries our post. So if we can post good content regularly, we have more chance of appearing in the feeds. Now obviously as time goes on, we are hoping to crack down on some of the spam on Steemit by flagging people, reporting them, commenting on their posts, trying to encourage people to post valuable content. Thats the big goal of these post is to teach people how to post valuable content so that it is worthwhile and that people will read it. So if we post regularly, we give our followers something to look forward to, something they can depend on, and something they can rely on. If we say, “I am going to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday”; our followers know, boom, three times a week, they can count on our posts. They can set up a notification, they can know that at noon on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we are going to post. Now whatever time zone we are in, if we say we are going to post at noon on Eastern Time, then they would know, “okay that means that 2 p.m. on my time, or at 10 a.m. on my time”, our post is going to come out. They can plan for it, they can count on reading it. They can schedule it and know when to upvote you. This is going to really help you get more upvotes because if I know that you are going to post at noon, then I know when I can log on and upvote within the first 30 minutes so I can get some more rewards on your post. So that’s huge. Post regularly.


The Second Thing: Comment on introduction posts. The reason this is so critical for us to do to grow followers is because when someone is new on Steemit, they don’t know anybody. They may know one or two people, but they don’t know many people. And their goal is to know more people. So if we comment on their post, now they know us. Now they have seen us. If we tell them, “hey, thank you for being here, I am so glad you are here, I liked this in your post. By the way, check out this post I wrote”; They are probably going to check out our post. Why? Because they have nothing else to do. They don’t know anyone. You took the time to comment on there post. They are going to click on your link to check it out in general. Its going to really help us grow our following and it’s going to really help us to get more established on Steemit. And it also going to help the new people grow. That is why it is so important. And if you don’t know what to comment, share some valuable information with them. Compile a list maybe. Maybe you want to give them your five favorite Steemit videos. Whether they are mine, whether they are someone else’s or a combination, share that information with them. Help them grow. Link them to the Wiki page for Steemit. Link them to something. Share some information with them and they will really appreciate it. That is a great filler for comments.


The Third Thing Is: We need to be commenting on related posts. So let’s say we have a blog about health and fitness. There are all kinds of other people on Steemit that are posting health and fitness articles, dieting articles, food, shakes, the stuff that they make, cooking recipes. Get on there, find those people, follow them, and make an effort to comment on their posts. Because if they are posting on something thats related to you, they are not your competitor on Steemit. That’s a great thing, there are no competitors because we are all working together. If you vote on them, they will vote on you, we both go up. So comment on their posts, because if they are interested in something that you are interested in, chances are they are going to upvote and share your posts as well because it will help them promote more things to their audience. Their audience would technically be the same as your audience, so if you comment on their posts, their audience is going to see it, they may come and follow you, that person may come and follow you, you will really start to grow, and you will also start to make some good connections and some good friends. So those are the top three things, the best things, that we need to do to start growing rapidly on Steemit. Post regularly, comment on introduction posts, and comment on related posts. If there are any other suggestions that you have, or if you have found anything that is really skyrocketed your growth, and helped you grow on Steemit, I want to hear about it in the comments below.
It’s all about making information known to you so you can have the information you need to make the informed decisions about the tools you need to be successful online. Until next time.

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Yup the methods are genuine....i am following the me out too

Thanks for sharing this article .

Yes i am also following this method.

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