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RE: Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

excellent advice, thanks. I notice a number of users simply copying you tube vids and photos to their blog sometimes 10s a day....just crap posts trying to get a bite. Who do we grass them up to please ?


My project is to fight all type of spam, what you say too. But i need more SP to flag all comments, so for now, maybe I just re-focus and concentrate on SPAM comment who ask for vote or follow. My hope is to receive some delegation of SP.

Thanks for the reply, I didnt understand this was a personal project and not some Steemit committee type thing. Could there not be a voluntary Group of steemians, financially backed by some sort of voluntary central fund set up to combat shite in the community ? Apologies again for the naive newbie question!
Even in decentralised communities there needs to be a minimally intrusive organisational body to stop the whole thing descending into farce. Self policing is fine to a point, but perhaps our human evolution hasnt quite developed enough yet to rely completely on self discipline and trust lol
Anyway,big respect to you and thanks for doing your best to keep it a clean environment :-)

Hi @nathen007, it's not at all a newbie question, but a valid question!
Something similar already exists, i think to @steemcleaners... but it works by report through users. Instead, i go looking for spammers..

A team who support and help me... that would be great.. but i think that first of all i need to increase my SP (also through SP delegations) to allow myself to built a team.