Are Steemians happy with Steemit? @ Facebook poll

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Hello beautifull people of Steemit!

Today I wanted to ask people on Facebook 'Steemit' groups how satisfied are they with this platform.

Turns out all the people are super happy with Steemit so far.
And I personally love this comment :

But surprisingly on other group results were different :

And people didn't replied why. I just had this comment. :

Tell me your opinion about it, I want to know. Maybe you have something to add? What do you think?
Basically I wanted to ask people how Steemit could be improved. So it would be amazing, if you guys here could answer this question!

Narovski here!


I believe that this is a great place for bloggers but just like one of the comments above people should not drag the newbies telling them that they can make a lot of money here. It is more about sharing your thoughts, ideas and knowledge.. and yes someday one will earn a good amount out of their content but the first thing they will have to think about is the originality.

steemit is working well for me until today. I haven't had any weird experiences with it. And most important of all, the users are so friendly that the newbies will never find it difficult to understand or use steemit because there are a bunch of articles and videos to guide.

And great post. keep on surveying and posting :)

Yeah, it's really good that there's many posts about how to to do something on Steemit. By the way, why are you not posting more? As I can see you just have one post. We would love to hear more from you!

yes definitely.. thanks for saying that. Will be posting a new one soon. Do follow me for that :)

I am here under two weeks I find this to be a breath of fresh air. I am already meeting so many cool people and new artists to share with and learn from. The platform gives you the keys to your online digital presences. This alone makes it worth it to me as a creative being. I love to share and I have grown tired of the other platforms selling ads and profiting the shareholders at the expense of the creativity being shared.
I have invested $300 of bitcoin into my steam power so I can give more away and help out new people like me. I believe in the power of the Blockchain to make the other platforms obsolete ie no ad revenue when everyone goes to the next best thing after free. Free and you earn rewards and can invest in the platform and hold your own keys to your online digital life.

Allowistic Artist is here to stay, play and share.

People like you will make Steemit huge and beyond anything we experienced so far.
What I personally like the most on this platform at first the connections with like minded people all over the globe, and second that I can actually reward people for the time and effort they put in posting great content. Because time and appreciation are one of the most valuable things in life.

Amazing. Let's do it together :) Thanks!

First of all, thank you so much for your honest answer @allowisticartist. This is that kind of opinion that I wanted to hear. I'm happy to hear that you believe in this community and it's good to find a people like me! I'm also a bit tired of the other platforms selling ads and profiting the shareholders at the expense of the creativity being shared. I hope Steemit will went far far beyond our expectations. And I want to be the part of people who will make it big.

Like many others I'm still new here and I can't share that many experiences, but I can tell you how I feel and what I think.
That is: I really think this platform is very unique and has build a great concept around blogging and posting.

Though I heard some complaints about that it's all about who you know, but I think everyone has the same chance to deliver valuable content and insights and if you earn money with it...well, it's a nice side effect.

I think this could get really big in terms of fairness, high-quality content, respectful behavior and helping others grow.

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